CHAMISA ‘brands supporters as “stupid” for undertaking an unnecessary demonstration that resulted in the death of 6 people’ and damage to property on 1 August 2018.

CHAMISA ‘brands supporters as “stupid” for undertaking an unnecessary demonstration that resulted in the death of 6 people’ and damage to property on 1 August 2018.
These are the same protesters who voted for Chamisa and protested and lost friends and family in the shootings all for Chamisa yet today he insults them and shows them just how worthless they are to him. At least the people are slowly awakening to his true colours, remeber Mugabe was an angel to Zimbabweans before 1980, then when he got into office, from day one for the next 37 years, he showed his true colours,..i shall not speak!
MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa yesterday threw his supporters under the bus and branded them “stupid” for undertaking an unnecessary demonstration that resulted in the death of six people and damage to property on August 1.
On the day in question, MDC-Alliance supporters said the demonstrations sought to “defend” their votes and force the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) to release results of the presidential election in their favour.
Days before the election, on election day and soon after voting, Mr Chamisa and other MDC-Alliance officials like Mr Tendai Biti had been using various social media platforms and Press conferences to urge their supporters to reject election results not in their favour and “defend our vote”.
In the last few weeks, Mr Chamisa has been going around the country galvanising his supporters to “defend” their vote, telling them they had many options, including demonstrations.
On June 12, 2018, he was quoted in the media as saying: “This time we are going to announce the election, not Zanu-PF. We will have a system to have all the results from polling stations. So from voting, we will tell you where to go and wait in order to protect your votes.”
On August 1, MDC-Alliance supporters were captured on camera destroying property and torching vehicles in Harare.
Some of the supporters donning MDC-Alliance regalia emblazoned with Mr Chamisa’s face threatened to storm the national election command centre at Rainbow Towers in Harare where election results were being announced.
Addressing journalists at Harvest House in Harare yesterday, Mr Chamisa said in his view, the demonstrations were uncalled for and he had no kind words for his supporters.
“It was very stupid even for people who demonstrated to demonstrate for the results to be released,” said Mr Chamisa.
“It was stupid because they then opened themselves for attack and for manipulation. I think whoever demonstrated have their right, but I feel that it was not called for and that is my view.
“I am not insulting them, but I have a right just like any other because it was premature, it was un-strategic, and open to be manipulated by the enemies of the people and the enemies of peace, the merchants of violence, the archbishops of violence.”
This is despite that on July 31, a day after voting, Mr Chamisa had used his twitter handle @nelsonchamisa to tell his supporters that the elections were being rigged and they should defend them.
The tweet read: “Zec seeks to release results to buy time & reverse the people’s presidential election victory. The strategy is meant to prepare Zim mentally to accept fake presidential results. We’ve more votes than ED. We won the popular vote & will defend it!”
On August 1, the day of the violent demonstrations, Mr Chamisa tweeted using the same twitter handle: “THANK YOU ZIMBABWE …I’m humbled by the support you have given to me as a Presidential Candidate. We have won the popular vote. You voted for total Change in this past election! We have won this one together. No amount of results manipulation will alter your WILL #Godisinit.”
These tweets and many others from Mr Chamisa and his fellow MDC Alliance leaders were viewed by political analysts as calling for the party supporters to reject any election result not in their favour through any other means, including violent demonstrations.
At the press briefing yesterday, Mr Chamisa also refused to appear before the Commission of Inquiry which is investigating the post-election violence on August 1 disturbances.
This followed a letter written to him by the chairperson of the commission and former South African President Mr Kgalema Motlanthe inviting him to testify. herald
Realising the folly of insulting his supporters have exposed who he truly is, as an immature, selfish, irrational power hungry individual with no regards for the people, Chamisa has now back tracked and tweeted oday on Twitter Chamisa appeared to be backtracking on his comments.
“My remarks to condemn those who killed or injured the innocent, burnt cars & destroyed property on 1 August used ‘words’ that regrettably created the wrong impression. The people have a constitutional right to demonstrate peacefully. Any discomfort caused is sincerely regretted.”

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