‘CHAMISA must resign after being declared an illegitimate MDC president , usurper of power in a party that purports democracy,’ Mutodi

Deputy Government Spokesperson Energy Mutodi has advised MDC leader Nelson Chamisa to resign from his position after the High Court ruled on Wednesday that he is not the legitimate President of the party.
“After being declared an illegitimate president of the MDC and a usurper of power in an opposition party that purports to stand for democracy,” Mutodi said. “The honorable thing to do for Nelson Chamisa is simply to resign. No court on earth can endorse an illegality, even a court of appeals.”
The MDC has indicated that it will appeal against the judgement but will also proceed with the Congress that is set for this month.
Former Politiburo member Professor Jonathan Moyo accused the Deputy Minister of gloating over the judgement.
“First your administration massacres people in the streets andf in their homes to impose Mnangagwa, whose illegitimacy is common cause. Then the same embattled administration massacres the judiciary to create political fiction. And, predictably, you gloat over it. What’s next?”
David Coltart on Thursday called the judgement an empty thunder that should never have been delivered. Source – Byo24News

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