‘COLTART a racist unrepentant Rhodesian Selous Scout who butchered innocent blacks, a pretend democrat must shut up!’-MDC-T Vice President Obert Gutu

‘COLTART A RACIST RHODESIAN SELOUS SCOUT who butchered innocent black people and pretends to be democrat must shut up!’-MDC-T Vice President Obert Gutu.
MDC-T Vice President Obert Gutu has attacked MDC Treasurer General aspirant David Coltart of being a racist unrepentant Rhodie.

www.newzimbabwevision.com says the question of whether or not to subscribe to Coltart’s utterings or discard them is one of the most difficult conundrums for the Zimbabwe opposition and public, who by accepting him would automatically get much needed financial support and political backing from the western democrats, along with international funding from the west to kick start the dead Zimbabwe economy, and then if not then its whole new ball game,..you do the maths!
Gutu was irked by Coltart’s opinion of the recent handed down MDC judgement said, “This racist Rhodesian Selous Scout should just zip it.”
Coltart had said, “Dear Thoko Zanu Khupe … You did your congress together with Gutu, Linda Masarira and others, you were elected president and you indicated that your party is the original MDC-T. You participated in the presidential race using the name MDC-T and you got 0.9 percent … Chamisa also participated and got over two and half million votes, so I don’t see the logic why you are saying you want to lead the MDC, which MDC?
“You want to be a leader of 2 million people who didn’t vote for you really, this is total madness give us a break madam Khupe …This will not work, you will not work, Chamisa will work … Simple.”
Gutu said he will not keep quiet when people are being misled by Coltart.
“I won’t keep quite when unrepentant racist Rhodesian Selous Scouts who butchered innocent black people decide to mislead the people by pretending to be democrats.” He added. Source – Byo24

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