‘Dear Zims I’m prepared to pay the ULTIMATE price for my beliefs. 20 years of a struggle should ultimately have an end game’-Job Sikhala

The walls of Jericho fell. Saul the murderer was hit by lightening for him to repent. Zimbabweans are suffering on a daily basis for 40 years after the attainment of Independence from the Smith regime. Civil servants are slaves in their own country. They yonder to work on daily basis, toiling for nothing. Systematic destruction of our industry pauperised millions of the children of Zimbabwe.
Only 859 people, a greedy cartel out of the 15 million Zimbabweans are chewing the flesh of our nation. They starch millions of United States dollars into their offshore accounts & their homes. They have a privilege of hiring an aeroplane for $70 000(USA Dollars) per hour for joyrides when all of us can not afford one meal a day, when we can not afford to send our children to school, when we are paid salaries that can’t feed our families even for one week.
I refuse to be selfish. The suffering of our Nation’s masses is unsustainable. We can’t all remain silent. I am prepared to pay the ULTIMATE price for my beliefs. 20 years of a struggle should ultimately have an end game. Even if the end game is to result in imprisonment or payment by my blood.
I know my comrades & leadership from the MDC family are with the suffering masses of our beloved nation & persuing the struggle from the same page, let me hasten to let the people of Zimbabwe know that I Job Wiwa Sikhala is offering myself to the Zimbabweans to be the sacrificial lamp of this struggle. I put my body on the Alter of freedom for Zimbabweans & will not tire until total freedom comes. These people never tire in looting. Vanhu vasingaguti kubira ruzhinji rweZimbabwe vakaitaseiko? 40 years of looting & plunder when the masses struggling to make ends meat. Suffering has an end and truly it shall come to an end.
Thank you Zimbabweans, thank you the world, thank you the MDC family, friends & my family. Zimbabwe shall be free. The dreams of millions of Zimbabweans won’t remain a mirage forever.
Yours in the struggle & high spirits
Hon. Adv Job Wiwa SikhalaMDC National Vice Chairman
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