Dickson Chingaira “Cde Chinx” says he has fallen on hard times as he cannot fend for his two wives and ten kids.

“My family is in poverty right now. Because of this sickness I’m failing to work yet I’m supposed to be the breadwinner. I have six children here in Chitungwiza and four in Norton plus my two wives, myself and my mother. All these people need to be fed,” said Dickson “Cde Chinx” Chingaira, in an interview with The Sunday Mail at his home.
“At first they thought it was arthritis, then TB and even gout, but after a series of tests I emerged clean. Now they suspect it is cancer yet still the specialists I have been to are not sure,” said the revolutionary musician.
His wife Patricia, whom he lives with in Chitungwiza said she wonders what kind of pain he undergoes as he cries like a little baby when in agony.
“Vanochema kunge mwana mudiki. Kana kusimuka havasimuke ipapa tinotoita vekuvatakura, vanopera simba. (He cries like a baby when in pain. We have to carry him because he will be too weak),” said Patricia, who met Cde Chinx during the liberation war in Mozambique.She added: “He is always sleeping, sometimes crying. We don’t even know what to give him, he is the breadwinner. We have no food in the house yet we can’t divert what we have for medicine, we need him to stay alive.”
The desperation has seen Cde Chinx try all avenues including self-styled prophets, apostolic faith churches and other healers.
“The church guys and prophets just say ‘you are healed’ but when I come back home it is still the same, I’m in excruciating pain. I have been to all the popular ones (prophets). However, I do get some relief from traditional medicine but still it is not sufficient.
“What baffles me is that during the war, we were ravaged by sicknesses, terrible diseases that could have wiped us out but we survived. But now in a free Zimbabwe doctors are telling me they can’t detect the ailment. No wonder some people are now saying ‘chivanhu’,” Cde Chinx lamented.
Cde Chinx says he has a farm in Marondera, has the manpower to at least till a small piece of the land but has no resources. “Kurara sezvizvi kunoperekedza kuguva (sleeping like this will surely kill me). With medication and food I can get my strength back, finish my album, put something on my farm and stop this begging,” said Cde Chinx.
By Stephen Jakes. Source – Sunday Mail

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