MUGABE, WHO ROLLED OUT THE CONTROVERSIAL ZANU PF LAND REFORM POLICY, WILL BE STRIPPED OF ALL FARMS EXCEPT ONE FROM HIS 14 farms spanning 16 000 hectares from the controversial land reform programme.

Zimbabwe has certainly tripped and fallen flat on the face into a pile of ‘sh*t’ and they proudly tell the world, at least I didn’t touch it with my hands,..yeah right, what a bunch of educated fools we are! It is unfortunate that the majority of Zimbabweans were so excited by the hot air that Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats regime, that they failed to read into the fact that Zimbabwe was only escorting the military regime to the election so that they would legitimise Mnangagwa’s leadership and give them a fife year mandate to inflict more pain and suffering upon Zimbabweans.
The MDC Alliance leadership made up of lawyers Nelson Chamisa, Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti, Douglas Mwonzora and Job Sikala, for some reason in their combined knowledge and intelligence or rather non at all, had the nerve to waste the nation’s time and vote by leading us into total failure.
Zimbabwe was given false hope by the MDC Alliance that participating in an election without Electoral reforms, no Electoral disc with militarised rural areas, politicised chieftainships, Zec and judiciary, would magically transform Zimbabwe and remove the military regime and replace it with Chamisa and the democratic opposition.
However, as continuously forewarned by, following the 30 July 2018 harmonised elections and the failed MDC Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa constitutional court challenge to his victory, Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has been sworn in as the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe.
A bullet is stronger than a ballot, the military made a firm statement when they shot six people dead, in broad daylight on 30 July 2018, and only the brainwashed followers of opposition would believe that a ballot can remove a military regime,..wake up Zimbabwe! can tell the people that Zanu pf in Zimbabwe are a revolutionary party like ANC insn South Africa, Frelimo in Mozambique, MPLA in Uganda, Swapo in Namibia and their monopoly over wealth and power is cemented by Sadc and AU bodies of African dictators. We the people must unite, work with these regimes , deplete and destroy their ability to keep winning from within the system.
At the moment, in Zimbabwe, Zanu pf has the opportunity to permanantly shut down Nelson Chamisa without touching him, starting from the fact that Paul Mangwana the Zanu-PF Secretary for Legal Affairs the Zimbabwe states that the ruling party’s lawyers will calculate the exact amount but its estimated the Zimbabwe Constitutional court bill will be US$3 million for Chamisa, excluding the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (Zec) legal bill but the final bill will be approved by the Registrar of the Court and undergo the necessary taxation processes.
According to Paul Mangwana if Nelson Chamisa fails to settle the legal bill, he risks losing his personal property as it will be attached.
‘‘This law is made to guard against people who approach the courts with cases that are not of any substance,” he said. More news to follow.
Obviously because Zanu pf have the majority in parliament, they only need to chop and change the constitution, vote to raise the minimum age for being a president from 40 to 55 or 60 effectively blocking Chamisa for at least 20 years to come. Mnangagwa can also now accelerate the Khuphe / Chamisa court case over Nelson Chamisa’s power grab or alleged illegitimate take over at MDC T and forcing out Khuphe.
Right now as we all know the Zacc, an anti corruption body, is investigating Tendai Biti the former finance Minister over a US$30 million dollar deal. Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and military regime are destroying them without laying afinger on them, simply using the legal processes and demonstrating to the whole world that Zimbabwe has respect for the rule of law, just like a real democracy,…wake up Zimbabwe! Either we accept what we have before us and work together to rebuild Zimbabwe, while destroying the oppressive force peacefully , from within, or we destabilise Zimbabwe and prolong our sufferring by failing to accept the concourt judgement,…its the people’s call, more suffering or do we unite and move the nation forward?
Lets all be realistic and realise that the same institutions that Nelson Chamisa makes noise about pursuing regionally, continentally and globally, failed to delegitimise the Mnangagwa, Chiwenga and military forced removal of Mugabe through the Operation restore legacy coup, so be mature, progressive and address the challenges using ‘Plan B’ , join them, deplete and destroy their forces and capability from within the system,..Zimbabwe has fife years to do the damage.
The deposed former president Robert Gabriel Mugabe who since his downfall in November 2017, for the first time, endorsed and congratulated his successor President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa on his 30 July 2018 election victory.
Mugabe sent his daughter, Bona who was accompanied by her husband Simbarashe Chikore to the ceremony at the National Sports Stadium in represent him at the inauguration ceremony, and stated that he and his wife Grace Mugabe could not attend because of ill health.
Numerous Heads of State and Government, vice presidents and special envoys from several countries across the world along with opposition party leaders attended the inauguration ceremony.
A week before the inauguration ceremony, Emmerson Mnangagwa, stripped Bona and Simba of their 350-hectare sub-division of Divonia Farm, which they had grabbed under Mugabe’s regime. The couple then sought to extend their hectrage, took over about 600ha of Divonia Farm before elbowing out their neighbour, Shumbamhini the Zanu-PF’s Mutoko South parliamentary candidate. After Mnangagwa evicted the couple , Shumbamhini is back on the farm now.
Robert Mugabe, was also last week threatened with removal from 13 of his 14 farms by Mnangagwa, who said in line with the country’s land redistribution policy of one person one farm, Mugabe will be left with one farm.
To the Discerning Eye, Bona, Robert and Grace Mugabe can see how ruthless Mnangagwa is and are obviously now panicking hence this lovey dovey approach, ridiculous that the same person Robert Mugabe who spoke so ill of Mnangagwa from the Operation Restore Legacy coup, even refusing to vote for Mnangagwa nd the Zanu pf party he helped create,…really?
Mugabe’s 14 multiple farms, are known to be:
Gushungo Estates- 4 046 hectares,
Gushungo Dairies-1 000 hectares in Mazoe,
Iron Mask Estate in Mazowe – 1 046 hectares,
Sigaru Farm in Mazowe-873 hectares,
Gwebi Wood-1 200 hectares in Mazowe,
Gwina Farm in Mazowe-1 445 hectares,
Leverdale Farm in Banket-1 488 hectares,
Highfield Farm in Banket-445 hectares, in Norton,
Cressydale Estate-676 hectares,
Tankatara Farm -575 hectares,
John O’Groat Farm-760 hectares,
Clifford Farm -1 050 hectares,
Bassiville-1 200 hectares .
Much as some hate Mugabe and Khuphe, if their forced and unconstitutional removal from their leadership postions, of MDCT and Zanu pf was right and the nation celebrated this, why then today is it a surprise today that the same person who forcibly removed Mugabe from power have forcibly taken power from Chamisa,..wake up Zimbabwe! You cannot pick and choose what parts of constitutionalism or democracy you want to follow and see it as right when working in your favour and you are behind it then cry foul when the same methodology is used to destroy you,..Zimbabwe, what goes around, comes around! We are certainly the largest and most educated circus of fools to the rest of the world. NO TIME TO WASTE! By Sibusiso Ngwenya, invites progressive minded people of all races, tribes, religion, gender and political orientation, to unite, promote peace and join us in rebuilding the Zimbabwe nation by disseminating information that leaves the ordinary street person ready to make more informed choices and decisions such as about who, when, what, why and how to vote.
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