JOB SIKHALA dumps Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)

JOB SIKHALA dumps Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC)

Former political detainee Job Sikhala has severed ties with the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC), likening the opposition group to a lifeless entity, and has established his own political movement.

Sikhala, recently released from incarceration, had remained silent regarding his future political endeavors following the disintegration of the CCC subsequent to Nelson Chamisa’s resignation.

Speaking to the press on Thursday in Harare, Sikhala unveiled his new political initiative, emphasizing its inclusive nature with involvement from civil society, students, and religious institutions.

“We’re not merely announcing the formation of a political entity but rather a wide-ranging mass democratic movement that welcomes all in the advancement of the mass democratic struggle, reminiscent of the United Democratic Front (UDF) of 1980s apartheid South Africa,” Sikhala declared.

“This endeavor is inspired by the noble principles upheld by countless Zimbabweans who sacrificed during the liberation struggle, Gukurahundi, and those who have perished since the revival of the goals and aspirations of the mass democratic struggle in February 1999.”

Sikhala joins a growing list of prominent figures exiting the CCC amid allegations of infiltration and internal discord.

While another faction within the party had proposed a leadership role for Sikhala as deputy chairman, he opted to forge ahead with his own movement, aiming to rectify the flaws of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) since its inception in 1999.

“The flaw in our 1999 approach was the top-heavy nature of constituent body meetings, with only the ZCTU possessing grassroots structures. This imbalance in participation from the grassroots to the national leadership level eventually led to conflicts of interest. Zimbabwe requires a forward-looking approach to address the national dilemma,” Sikhala reflected.

“The roadmap for progress will be charted by the people through a Mass Nationwide Democratic Consultative Process. This national consultation will entail Nationwide Democratic Consultative Conventions.

“Crucially, this consultative process will engage all vital constituent bodies, including the general populace, labor unions, students, traditional leaders, religious groups, civil society organizations, business figures, professionals, residents’ associations, informal traders, women’s groups, farmers, youth organizations, progressive political entities, war veterans, artists, corporate sector representatives, and individuals with disabilities,” Sikhala affirmed.
Source – newzimbabwe

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