MINISTRY OF INFOR PERMANANT SEC NICK MANGAGWA requests Zimbabweans to identify a road to be named after the President Mnangagwa.

MINISTRY OF INFOR PERM SEC NICK MANGAGWA asks Zimbabweans to identify a road to be named after the President Mnangagwa-@Mnangagwamustgo! .
Writing on his-blogging site Mangwana said, “Of course a sitting President(and former ) is the only living person who should have a road named after them. If we were to name a road after HE President Mnangagwa, which road would that be, and why? Which other deceased luminaries are still to be immortalised this way?” says this is clearly a sign of misplaced priorities, with Zimbabwe Service delivery in total collapse, yet they imagine that it is best to give Permanant Secretaries brand new land cruisers, salary increments, fly a Jet four hours from Dubai to Harare to take president Mnangagwa forty minutes away to Gweru for a brief function and fly him back to Harare before flying back to Dubai where the private luxury jet is stationed and registered. We already know that the jet is allegedly owned by Mnangagwa and only registered in Dubai for tax evasion purposes and frequently used by VP Chiwenga and other government officials.
The Zimbabwe government is charged for the service and obviously the money eventually ends up in Mnangagwa’s off shore accounts. It is ridiculous for anyone to imagine that where there is no service delivery in health care,water, education, roads , housing, electricity, employment, lack of good governance, no equality. lack of freedom and democracy, no accountability, led by an illegitimate militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, that the suffering, jobless, homeless, hungry Zimbabweans must now be focused on identifying a road to be named after Mnangagwa,..NONSENSE! Zimbabweans should actually silence this ridiculous call by suggesting any side roads leading into graveyards nationwide as a strong reminder to all that under the militarised mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, just as a Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime, the Mnangagwa road ends with death and sorrow in a grave yard because thats where he is fast leading Zimbabwe to…@Mnangagwamustgo! says, this is great for Zimbabweans because now people can wear t shirts and carry posters marked @Mnangagwamustgo and freely argue in court they are referring to the road Mnangagwa must go to the destination …DISCUSS! Sibusiso Ngwenya.
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