‘MLISWA accused of poisoning Dzamara?’

‘MLISWA accused of poisoning Dzamara?’

Controversial socialite Susan Mutami has cast aspersions on her baby father Temba Mliswa.

Mutami accused Mlisa of being a Satan, she asked him about who poisoned Patson Dzamara.
Patson Dzamara died colon cancer at the age of 34 years. He came into the public spotlight when he became the leading voice in the search for his brother, Itai, a journalist and activist who relentlessly challenged former president Robert Mugabe at a time when many Zimbabweans were afraid of confronting the ruler, who was toppled from power in 2017 and later died. The journalist, who was abducted from a barbershop in 2015, is still missing.

Below is Mutami’s Tweet.

“We don’t want fake activists who come here to hoodwink the masses @TembaMliswa who poisoned Patson Dzamara. He died looking for his brother. U pretended to help the young man with accomodation ukamupfuudza iwe Satan iwe. @hwendec u think u are special, being hosted by Temba muchienda kuma drinks sponsored by @ZANUPF_Official and having braai’s very soon u are going to get your own special type of cancer. @TembaMliswa is no friend to anyone he’s an assassin for @edmnangagwa, he’s been a CIO informer for years. He’s one of the people strategizing for ED to stay beyond his constitutional term. Perence Shiri a whole commander died like a fly because of having characters like Temba around. Be careful.”
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