‘Opposition And Civic Society Calls For Mass Protest Against Mugabe Misrule, Mounts’

Calls for mass protests against President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF government over country’s misrule are mounting with political parties and individual members of the society indicating that it was the only option that came solve the economic crisis which has stayed for so long in the country.

Chalton Hwende said heĀ  think it’s high time people could lead the toiling masses in massive street protests and demonstrations until Mugabe and his cabal are gone.

“This is the only option left for us Zimbabweans,” he said.

The developments come at a time when over 20 000 workers lost jobs after the Supreme Court ruling which granted the employers to fire workers on three months notice of pay.

Zanu PF government failed to stop the dismissal wave but Mugabe only said this would be stopped through the amendment of the labour Act.

Several Zimbabweans are eager to see a mass protest being conducted but it appears there are no strong organisers to push for its success.

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions a week ago conducted the protest demonstrations which were of a very low impact. – Source-bulawayo24

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