‘Secretary for Finance in the Politburo, Obert Mpofu reportedly donated 20 000 litres of diesel towards Zanu PF annual conference in Masvingo’


Zanu PF Secretary for Finance in the Politburo, Obert Mpofu reportedly  donated 20 000 litres of diesel towards the  annual conference in Masvingo, state broadcaster reported.

Every year, the party’s conference caps the year with such a spectacular show of might  with rich top brass competing to show their net worth.

According to ZBC, Mpofu who is also Marco-Economic Planning and Investment Promotion minister offered 20 000 litres of diesel.

It is not clear whether the fuel was from his personal wealth.

About $4 million would be spent on the conference which ends tomorrow The party reportedly secured more than  12 000 blankets and over 7 000 beds for the delegates.

Masvingo residents and businesses are  also cashing in on the gathering with most of them expecting brisk business from thousands of delegates.

Several dozens of cattle, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and even wildlife will lay their lives at the Zanu PF sacrificial alter to be consumed by no less than 7 000 senior party officials who are  gathered in the ancient city to scheme ways of remaining in power.

Around the city and beyond are drought-stricken rural communities. source-bulawayo24

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