‘SHONA SLAVES’ Matebeleland breakaway from ZIMBABWE is the only solution -Israel Dube-MLO Sec for Information

‘SHONA SLAVES” Matabeleland breakaway from Zimbabwe is the only solution-Israel Dube
Matebeleland Liberation Organisationv;(MLO) Secretary for Information.

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by Israel Dube
“Be sure to appoint over you a king the Lord your God chooses. He must be from among your fellow Israelites. Do not place a foreigner over you, one who is not an Israelite.”

Blocked by a thick veil of Shona supremacism coupled with lack of understanding and ignorance, the Shona supremacist foot soldiers as well as their leaders would think the above words of wisdom are straight from the mouth of a “Ndebele tribalist” as they wrongly label us. But they are from the book of God, the creator of heaven and earth and all in it, what is visible and not visible to the human eye, including human kind. It is a warning from Deuteronomy 17 vs 15 in the bible. Thus God unambiguously warning nations like Matabele, against choosing foreigners as our leaders.

Since 3 November 1893 Matabeleland has suffered genocides, oppression, dehuminisation, abuse and humiliation under foreign leaders that have imposed themselves on us. The examples being the white colonialist and black Shona supremacists in the form of ZANU PF government and CCC that hide behind the mask of black majority rule and democracy. It is said that oppression knows no colour, in Matabeleland we learnt the hard way that blacks can even be more cruel oppressors than whites.

Coming to the business of the day, it is our hope as MLO that Matabele leaders currently in the CCC have realised that although they joined the MDC and all its variants including CCC, to fight ZANU PF government oppression, it is the very opposition parties that end up being their worst enemies than ZANU PF.

The highest form of humiliation, tribal intolerance, abuse and hatred has come from these opposition parties than ZANU PF since 1999 when MDC was formed.

All deadly and embarrassing political events against Matabeles perpetrated either by the ruling party or the opposition MDC through all its variants including CCC come as a result of denial that Zimbabwe is a binary state composed of The Republic of Matabeleland formerly The Kingdom of Matabeleland and The Republic of Zimbabwe formerly Mashonaland.The two were combined by the white colonialist to form Rhodesia without the consent of black people, Matabeles of Matabeleland and the Shonas of Mashonaland and the denial of the word of God that says, “do not place a foreigner over you, one who is not an Israelite.” In our particular case, one who is not Matabele. In the word of God and the United Nations charter, self determination is an inaliniable right.

After the the struggle for Zimbabwe independence ZAPU and ZANU PF were in denial that Rhodesia was made up of two states ie The Republic of Matabeleland and The Republic of Zimbabwe. They had no plan fit for governing two states. What followed was Matabele genocide, tribal oppression and the endless political crisis that engulfs Zimbabwe to date. Thus, political incompetence, ignorance and lack of foresight on the side of Joshua Nkomo and his ZAPU cost Matabeleland dearly.

The several tribal splits within the opposition since 2005 and the current tribal squabbles between Matabeles and Shonas show that the Zimbabwe opposition has no right plan to govern a binary state like Zimbabwe. Should they take over political power in Zimbabwe, Matabeles need not be told that the second genocide will revisit them. This time sanctioned by the CCC government.

The Zimbabwe opposition refuses to learn from 1980- 1987 Matabele genocide and the loud calls of the restoration of Matabeleland independence in Matabeleland. They are so determined to implement the 1979 Grand Plan and continue the tribal oppression and tribal segregation of Matabeles. They are so determined to maintain and solidify the Shona supremacist system.

To some of us who have liberated their minds and spirits, ZANU PF and CCC are two sides of the same coin. We do not view a ZANUPF and CCC agent differently for they both represent the devil that we are fighting that is, the Shona supremacist system that seeks to keep Matabele under Shona tribal oppression. There is no difference between motor mouth George Charamba who is always ready to protect Mnangagwa’s genocide and oppressive policies against Matabeles and Ostelos Siziva who stands in public and announce that Nelson Chamisa’s Shona candidate imposition in Matabeleland is good for Matabeles.

The Zimbabwe political project in the ruling party ZANU PF and the opposition CCC has failed. They are two Shona supremacist projects that look after the political interests of Shona people and have no best interests of the people of Matabeleland at heart. Their leaders have come out in the open to tell us that we are foreigners in Zimbabwe. Allowing them to govern us is against the word of God and the United Nations charter. We need no foreigner to lead us. God told us that we must govern ourselves and chose leaders amongst ourselves who are Matabeles like us.

Do not place a foreigner over you, one who is not Matabele. It is against God’s word. If you go against the above words you shall suffer oppression forever, your cries of anguish shall be endless and you will be Shona slaves in your life time and generations to come.

So, Sengezo Tshabangu, Welshman Ncube and fellow Mthwakazi, come lets declare Matabeleland independence! Matabeleland breakaway from Zimbabwe is the only solution.

Izenzo Kungemazwi!

Israel Dube
Matebeleland Liberation Organisationv;(MLO)Secretary for Information.

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