SOLDIERS PICTURED on Joshua Nkomo’s grave on the 20th anniversary of his death.

On 1July 1999, Zimbabwe’s liberation hero the late former Vice President Joshua Mqhabuko Nkomo, and was buried at the Korean built National Heroes Acre in Harare.
Its interesting to see the interpretation gathered through people’s reaction on social media when they see two soldiers in military fatigues and one in civilian dressing on and next to the grave of the Liberation Hero.
United Kingdom based academic Admore Xolani Tshuma said, “The Zimbabwean government needs to take action against this deviant soldiers mocking Joshua Nkomo. How can tribalists be tribal even to the dead?”
Others called on Zimbabwe army boss to act on the behaviour of the soldiers.www.newzimbabwevision says, we are more progressive than that. First and foremost, a picture does not tell anyone what tribe the people are from. They could be any Zimbabwe tribe including Ndebele, Kalanga, Shona or a mixture of them as in the photo or a mixture each as in their parental heritage.
Zimbabweans must also note the appearance above shows a calm group just smiling and respectfully looking at the grave they are sitting on, most like ly in awe of the heroism shown by Dr Joshua Nkomo.
I have always said, Im Shona, as my Grandfather Nyamangara left his rural home in Zvimba to settle in Matebeleland , changed his name to Ngwenya in the 1890s, a routine practice, remember Robert Mugabe taught at Hope Fountain in Matebeleland and he was named Ngwenya,..whats in a name?
I have always admired the fact that my mum is from Mashonaland as we are rightly Ndebele now. My point is that growing up in different cultures you realise when one dies in Matebeleland, people will cry, its typically a gloomy atmosphere, real sombre funeral while on my mother’s side a funeral was fun, just a celebration of one’s life, a party atmosphere, singing dancing and laughing away and giving one a happy sending off. I have photos and videos of myself and also with others just relaxed and celebrating the deceased’s life years later at their graveside,..not in tears, so, unless if these three individuals had appeared urinating , vandalising the grave or doing something clearly defiling or looting the grave, im not sure they have done any wrong. This is probably an image they treasure for their own history and their children and descendants, that they once visited the late National Hero Joshua Nkomo’s grave site and they have the photos to prove it!
Furthermore, people must always remember that when the Ndebele’s arrived from South Africa, they would loot cattle and women, while killing Shona men. They had children with the men and the majority of Ndebele’s have a 50% Shona Blood line from their marternal great grand mothers, so its a shame to see that either tribe hate the other yet they most likely have the blood line of one or the other as descendants of either.
We should now be at a stage where we celebrate our differences, live in peace, unity and share common goals of rebuilding Zimbabwe not for ourselves but for all our children and descendnts irrespective of colour, race, tribe, gender, religion, sex, political orientation or creed. This image is harmless, a happy group, calm, respectful and absolutely nothing malicious shown, so, lets not rush to agitate people by sending false commentary over this photo. The only thing they should face is a slap on the wrist by the military if they have breached military policy, nothing as bad as the media wants to claim through false commentary. We are all Zimbabweans, end of story! DISCUSS and share freely , thank you! Sibusiso Ngwenya
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