Stanley Goreraza former husband to Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe,decides to tell it all in a book

Stanley Goreraza is former husband to Zimbabwe First Lady Grace Mugabe, and he has been in news recently following uncharacteristic outburst against President Mugabe whom he accuses for snatching his wife in a spectacular smash-and- grab operation that has permanently ruined his life, according to his latest posts online.
While many are questioning Goreraza’s state of mind, the foreign based Airforce of Zimbabwe Wing Commander has revealed that he has been through a lot since he separated with Grace that he no longer cares.
In an exclusive interview with an online based news publication, Goreraza also revealed that he has since decided to write a book that would say everything about how ex-wife, Grace, was snatched from him.
Many high ranking Zimbabwe politicians are aware of Goreraza’s predicament and they follow him on social media and recently he got thumbs up from Tendai Biti who said “Wow this man has a story he is dying to tell.”
After Grace, Goreraza later remarried and then divorced his second wife Tamara Mary last year, on 2 December 2015, according to Harare court records.
While the contents of the ‘soon to be published book’ are not yet known, it is clear that Goreraza is a bitter man going through hard times.
There are rumours that Grace was snatched from Goreraza, then a junior air force officer by Mugabe, before he was banished to China as a defence attaché where he has been based for more than two decades.
Mugabe insists that Grace was a divorcee when he started dating her while his late Ghanaian wife, Sally, was battling with a kidney problem that eventually killed her in 1992.
Despite this, Goreraza message does not focus much on his personal life but rather on President Mugabe in relation to political developments in Zimbabwe;
“Every nation destroyed is led into destruction by those leading it. Every nation that suffers is led into that suffering by its leaders. If a leader has no kindness and goodness in his heart, there will be no good in the nation he leads. What is in the hearts of a nation’s leaders can be seen by the situation of that country,” he says in his recent message.
“If the people of that nation suffer, then it’s leaders can only be merciless and cruel. Greed and hatred have created fertile conditions for war in Zimbabwe and only by God’s wonderful grace have we skipped that chapter,” he added.
Mr Goreraza commands a lot of respect on social media and is friends with lawyer Alex Magaisa, Luke Tamborinyoka, MDC President Morgan Tsvangirai’s spokesperson and opposition politician Tendai Biti.

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