Uganda lawmakers pass amended draft of anti-LGBTQI+ bill, retaining harsh penalties

UGANDA LAW MAKERS PASS AMENDED draft of anti-LGBTQI+ bill, retaining harsh penaltiesParliament in Uganda has passed a new amended draft of the anti-LGBTQI+ bill, maintaining the harsh punishments for same-sex acts.President Yoweri Museveni returned the bill to Parliament with recommendations that some provisions be toned down.The new version of the legislation will not outlaw people identifying as gay but if they are caught physically engaging in “acts of homosexuality”, they could face life in prisonThe earlier bill also required people to report suspected homosexual activities to the police or serve six months in jail, but legislators amended this clause to report only children and vulnerable persons.The bill retains most of the severe punishments which include the death penalty for certain same-sex acts and a 20-year jail term for the promotion of homosexuality.Ugandan lawmakers say they have left the law largely unchanged to protect African culture.The proposed anti-gay law has received worldwide condemnation, with the European Union parliament and the United States government threatening to pull donor funds from Uganda.The bill will now be sent back to the president who will now make the decision to either reject or sign it into law.Source – sabc

photo-Ugandan member of parliament John Musira dressed in an antigay gown during debate of the Anti-Homosexuality bill in Kampala, Uganda, on March 21, 2023.

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