‘We can’t fight Shonas in Harare but we will protect our Bulawayo and Mthwakazi nation from visitors in our territory.’

There are leaked audios and messages from the MDC Bulawayo group which are in bad taste. In one of the audios, a woman is heard calling upon all MDC members to meet at Bulawayo high court tomorrow at 08:30am in support of Kambarami who is facing allegations of breaking the electoral laws by holding a public office despite him being a convicted criminal.
The 1893 Movement filed court papers against him in a bid to have his election as Ward 3 councillor nullified as he is not fit to hold public office.
MDC is known for violence, locally and abroad hence we get worried when we hear them declaring war on us. The party has its militias called the vanguard and tomorrow’s move by MDC is specifically targeted to the peace-loving members of MRP and uMthwakazi at large.
Unfortunately, we are the survivors of a deadly tribal genocide “Gukurahundi” hence we cannot be intimidated by visitors in our territory. Bulawayo is Mthwakazi, we can never go to Harare to fight Shona people in their place but we are legally and constitutionally empowered to protect ourselves and our nation.
We view those MDC threats as tribal and we, therefore, call upon all peace loving people of Bulawayo across the political divide to come to the Bulawayo High Court tomorrow to defend uBulawayo Wethu Omuhle. This is not about the 1893 movement, MRP or any political party but it’s about protecting Bulawayo and it’s citizens, we are happy though that even some bona fide Bulawayo residents within MDC- A are against the MDC tribal connotations.
For the record MDC-A Bulawayo provincial spokesperson Swithern Chiworodza lied to the public. Kambarami injured himself when he broke the Windows to gain access to the City Hall contrary to his report that he was stabbed. All thepeace-loving Bulawayo residents are called upon to defend Bulawayo against MDC hooligans. Kambarami Brigade must go
Vuka Mthwakazi Vuka.Source – Mbonisi Solomon Gumbo

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