ZANU PF has 190 legislators, majority in parliament

ZANU PF has 190 legislators, parliamentary majority after winning all 6 contested constituencies in by-election sweep

Some Zimbabweans have expressed disappointment at the outcome of the recently held by-elections where Zanu-PF attained a two-thirds parliamentary majority, describing the outcome as a sad day for the country’s democracy.

Zanu-PF won all six constituencies which were being contested in Saturday’s by-elections following a recall of Citizens Coalition for Change’s (CCC) legislators by self-styled interim Secretary General Sengezo Tshabangu.

The ruling party now has 190 legislators in Parliament.

ZANU-PF now has the power to amend the constitution, with fears that President Emmerson Mnangagwa might use it to extend his tenure beyond a second term.

Speaking during “This Morning on Asakhe,” An X Space daily show participant Douglas Mandaza said the move was calculated, as the party used all state resources to secure the two-thirds majority.

“We knew about this; we spoke about this after the August 2023 election. It was the Government and the whole ZANU-PF to claim that two-thirds majority, and they were going to do it by all means necessary. They will use the state and institutions to get that two-thirds majority,” said Mandaza.

“They went on and used opposition party members to claim that two-thirds majority to change the laws of our Zimbabwe constitution that was done in 2013 to give themselves enough power and continue to rule for the next foreseeable future. But where would it take us if they had ruled? Does it change anything? No”.

He said the party manipulated the vote, the court system, everything to stay in power, “but what are they doing with that power when the rest of Zimbabwe is in abject poverty.”

Mandaza said political parties are using the electorate for their benefit.

“They are playing us for fools, and we need new leadership, a new party, without these people that purport to be representing us. They are taking us for a ride. Where are we going as a country? We continue to have these people manipulating the system.”

He added, “I am saddened by the opposition party than what ZANU-PF has done. ZANU-PF has never changed their colours. We knew this is what they wanted and they have managed to achieve it. This is a sad day for Zimbabwe’s democracy.”

Another speaker, Sibanda, said it’s a shame for the leaders who came through the by-elections.

“This is pathetic for the country. Where are we going as a country? I am not against Joel Tshuma or Sandra Ndebele, but are they not ashamed of coming via a back door? They lost the election in August 2023. For them to come via a back door, it’s a shame for our country,” said Sibanda.

“Giving ZANU-PF a two-thirds majority, are we going to see a change in the constitution where ZANU-PF is going to say let’s give the President another term? Are they going to change that? What’s going to happen, and what sort of a country are we going to see without opposition in Parliament? What impact are we going to see in the country?” he said.

In addition, another speaker, Guvakuva, said citizens will now dance to the ruling party’s tune.

“They got it now. We have to dance to their tune; nothing we can change. There is nothing we can do. Tshabangu’s reaction is unforgivable, even though he is not alone. But since he was in the forefront, this will forever follow him,” he said.

Another speaker said the two-thirds majority for the ruling party is the responsibility of the CCC leader and his followers.

“This two-thirds majority, we thank the CCC leader and his followers. They think it’s someone else’s responsibility, but it is their responsibility. We have been asking whether the followers follow the ideology or the person, but we have been getting insults that we hate him. But they don’t want to sit down and engage each other,” she said.
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