ZIMBABWE fails to buy painkillers and hospital gloves yet ZINARA managers were paid US$25 000 for hairdressing according to a 2017 audit.

The revelations came after the Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Tendai Biti grilled the Minister of Transport Joe Biggie Matiza on Monday.
Seasoned journalist Brezhnev Malaba said the corruption at ZINARA was astonishing.
“The pampered managers were paid US$25 000 in “hairdressing allowances”. This is according to the 2017 audit. And this is happening in a country that’s failing to buy simple painkillers and latex gloves for public hospitals.
“The corruption at Zinara is astonishing, even by Zimbabwean standards. Each director got US$4 000 to buy gym equipment for their private use at home. At the same time, these directors were being paid “gym membership allowances”. Do we have a govt in this country?” Byo24

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