ZIMBABWE IS  ON FIRE :FIFTH FIRE IN 7 DAYS DESTROYS HOSTEL AT Mbuyazwe High School in Umguza district, just outside Bulawayo

On Wednesday  morning at about  7AM, pupils and teachers at Mbuyazwe High School in Umguza district, just outside Bulawayo,  saw smoke billowing from the  girls’ hostel and the alarm was raised 
for the building to be evacuated.
Sadly, the Bulawayo Fire Brigade dashed to the scene but nothing could be saved from the inferno,  which ranks as  the fifth  major fire in Zimbabwe in a short space of  just  seven days as the country continues to burn in what is now seen as inexplicable by some, superatural by others and just a spate of bad luck by others.
The headmaster has indicated that , most of the students at the low cost boarding school come from deprived back grounds and have lost  personal items including, clothing,  uniforms, food and learning resources  and the school  has  to send the children  back home, because the kids have lost except waht they were  wearing at the time of the fire. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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