ZIMBABWE NATIONAL LIBERATION WAR VETERANS ASSOCIATION (ZNLWVA) has delivered its petition to remove Robert Mugabe name and rename Harare’s airport.

 Zanu pf national chairperson, Oppah Muchinguri Kashiri stated that she is in support of this, as Mugabe’s turned against the ethos and values embodied in the Zanu PF party, so war veterans are justified in feeling betrayed, adding that Mugabein 2016 directed the harassment of war veterans.
“It is so disturbing to hear that Mugabe, whom we worked with for over 30 years, is the one who is now going the opposite way. If i knew that that Mugabe is of such character, I was not going to join the war. He made the innocent souls to die for nothing,” said Muchinguri Kashiri.
The ZNLWVA Secretary General, Victor Matemadanda stated that the Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport will be replaced by that of another hero with sound war credentials.
The war veterans also want deposed former president Robert Mugabe, stripped of his multiple farms and left with one as stipulated by the law of the land which clearly states one person one farm.
“Mugabe is a sellout and he should not continue to benefit from the fruits of the land. We are going to take some farms he has. How can one person have more than 21 farms,” he said. More news to follow , by Sibusiso Ngwenya
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