Zimbabwe’s Fuel Price Goes Up,..Again!

Soon after Zimbabweans, held a powerful MDC T, ‘Mother Of All Demonstrations’ in Harare, in protest against  against the continuously deteriorating economy under the despot Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and Securocrats, Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime has gone ahead to announce a fuel price increase.
Zimbabwe’s Petrol and diesel prices have gone up from  US$1,19 and USc94   respectively,  to US$1,27 and US$1,09 per litre.
Fuel prices in Zimbabwe are generally much  higher than average Southern Africa’s regional fuel price averages, forcing more suffering upon an already destitute nation, as public transport, food prices and import costs generally all subsequently increase in tandem with fuel price rises .
This will of not affect the filthy rich, corrupt US$ multibillionaires Mugabe,  Zim1 Family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats who rarely need local services as they hide all their proceeds of crime in the far east and in offshore accounts. In other words, in their books, this is a non event.
  COUNTRY PRICES PER LITRE OF FUEL ARE AS FOLLOWS                                PETROL                     DIESEL
Zambia,           US 89 cents              US 77 cents
Mozambique    US$ 1,04                 US 81cents
 Malawi             US$1,13                  US$1,16
Botswana         US 75cents              US  71 cents
Zimbabwe         US$1,27                   US$1,09

By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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