ZIMBABWE’S VICE PRESIDENT EMMERSON MNANGAGWA also the Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans , is the man who led the November 2017 Operation Restore Legacy coup which forcibly removed the despot president Robert Gabriel Mugabe from power.

In June 2018 United States signed into law the amended Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA, a bill that was passed by the US Congress , setting tough conditions for Zimbabwe to re-engage with the US, meaning that sanctions on Zimbabwe will continue.
Remember that in 2001 , ZDERA was first imposed on Zimbabwe after the country under Mugabe and his Zanu pf redistributed land from the privileged white commercial farmers, who mainly accumulated land, minerals and wealth from their privileged staus achieved through colonialism that violently forced the indigenous black people off the rich farming land to poor rainfall, infertile overpopulated rural areas/ tribal trust lands and marginilised them ever since the birth of colonialism.
The result of this attempt by Mugabe to address the imbalances created by colonialism, through black empowerment, land reform programmes and level the playing field, led to the USA and Western powers such as Britain and the European Union (EU) punishing Zimbabwe through debilitating economic sanctions. MDC T under the late Richard Morgan Tsvangirai was always held responsible for originally calling for Sanctions against Zimbabwe, here we go again with the opposition spear heading the continued suffering of the masses.
To the discerning eye www.newzimbabwevision.com , we have vice president RTD Gen Chiwenga who spear headed the removal of Mugabe. Clearly by default, the Zimbabwe National Army is still firmly under him by virtue of him as Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans. The army and war veterans are Zanu pf powerhouse and the fact that the RTD Gen Chiwenga was swiftly put in place to cover the portfolio of Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans, was the most powerful indicator that Zimbabwe is now a military state but many people were still unsure of the unfolding reality. Remember that the vice president, also Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans , RTD Gen Chiwenga is the man who was in charge at 1 Brigade in Bulawayo, from where all gukurahundi raids across Matebeleland were launched from. This was the centre for logistics in the most horrendous genocide in Zimbabwe’s history, where over 20,000 unarmed Ndebele’s were butchered by the fifth brigade led by Zimbabwe’s now Minister of lands Perance Shiri.
At the same time Zimbabwe’s Permanant Secretary for Defence Defence Martin Rushwaya is president Mnangagwa’s nephew as his mother is Mnangagwa’s sister. WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM has previously warned about how these Zanu pf stalwarts have cemented power and created an impenetrable ring around themselves. Unless one comes from Mars, after the military shot dead 6 people earlier this week, it is clear that Zimbabwe is now a military state. The military is behind the murderous gukurahundi, murambatsvina, Chiadzwa, white farmer invasions, opposition and Zanu pf leaders and activists eliminations for the last 37 years, and as sad as it may be, what is happening in Zimbabwe only points at one thing, only a leader who can unite Shonas and Ndebeles over gukurahundi, whites and blacks over the farm invasions, the suffering Zimbabweans and the filthy rich criminals or so called privileged people to speak with one voice and restore nomalcy , will lead the nation to a better future. You cannot remove a military with a ballot as I always warn that the bullet is mightier than the ballot.
The MDC ALLIANCE leader Nelson Chamisa was too power hungry to put up a credible challenge to Mnangagwa. He showed weakness at Tsvangirai’s funeral when he allowed MDC T thugs to attenpt to burn down the MDC T president Thokozani Khuphe who had sought refuge in a hut from the murderous MDC T supporters who were baying for her blood. The MDC T support base was now split Matebeleland and the rest of the country on tribal grounds over this and the power grab that ensued as Chamisa an unelected , personally appointed Tsvangirai deputy by Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, unconstitutionaly took over the MDC T from an elected Vice president Thokozani Khuphe. Chamisa and his delegation went on to waste a lot of limited MDC T resources flying with his delegation to places like Britain, gathering thousands of useless supporters. I say useless because I did warn before that these are nothing more than white elephants because the diaspora is not allowed to vote according to Zimbabwe’s constitution, all 5 million or more of them, the majority who left because of Zanu pf Mugabe and the military.
Its unfortunate that at the same time, Chamisa focused on the urban voters and did not put a focus on the rural voters, again, the powerhouse of Zanu pf rule. The urban voters were easy to manipulate with immature promises of sphaghetti type roads and bullet trains along with billions from the US which was swiftly denied by the US after Chamisa and Biti went to the US about six months ago to demand that the US must maintain Economic sanctions upon Zimbabwe.
We are well aware of how much suffering the people of Zimbabwe have had to endure because of the crippling economic sanctions from the US and therefore it came as a shock to many that Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti were spearheading the demand for more suffering by asking the US to maintain sanctions, especially when people look back and realise that it was Morgan Tsvangirai who requested for sanctions that brought Zimbabwe down on its knees. The mess that has been created now, is yet another platform for suffering amongst Zimbabweans and its now clearly linked to MDC conduct, elction violence and military shooting, Sanctions request, and obviously Chamisa’s hunger for power.
Women in Zimbabwe must be treated as equals, another failure by Chamisa who clearly disregarded women in our society and made no effort at bringing equality to gender,..a big mistake as women in Zimbabwe, make up the greater number of our electorate.
There was absolutely no point in Chamisa walking into a flawed election as we warned all along that doing so would be no different from escorting Mnangagwa to yet another stolen election by Zanu pf. The only way of mitigating against such, is for the opposition to push for electoral reforms. We need the draconian AIPPA and POSA to be removed , rural areas to be demilitarised and fully open to voter education and activist campaigns, the cabinet demilitarised, the diaspora vote to be allowed and a whole whost of other electoral reforms before we yet again make the same mistake in 2023 of blindly walking into an election where we have no chance of winning againt Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and the militarised regime.
Chamisa who previously vowed to make Zimbabwe ungovernable if ZEC declared President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF winners of the polls is now facing a difficult time after Emmerson Mnangagwa was declared the election winner with 51%.
The leader of neighbouring South African opposition party, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), Julius Malema, has said MDC Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa must concede defeat by President Mnangagwa and instead focus on the 2023 elections.
“We might have had different interests, but once elections are declared particularly in a process where international observers were given 100 percent access to voting, 100 percent access to counting, anyone who alleges rigging must bring V11 forms and prove station by station on how elections were stolen.
“In the absence of evidence, any rhetoric that suggests there was rigging is actually putting the lives of Zimbabweans in danger.”
WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM says that it is unnecessary to fuel tensions in Zimbabwe and we need to move the nation forward.We all need to accept that we may not want this outcome, feel cheated and all sorts of frustration but we must all uphold peace and all who seek to reverse this outcome, a situation that has failed in every five year general election in the Zanu pf court system as opposition mainly led back then by Tsvangirai and MDC T, must go and ahead and prove to the whole nation and world in ademocratic manner in court, peacefully how exactly the election has been rigged.
There is absolutely no point in claiming the election has been rigged simply because one has lost, the people want proof, no brainwashed following like Zanu pf thugs under Mugabe,..lets unite, unfortunately rally behind Mnangagwa, give him the chance to rebuild Zimbabwe, create employment, invest in Service Delivery in education, health care, employment, electricity, housing, transport and other critical areas then rebuild credible opposition poised to work towards unseating the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime in 2023. For now, lets carry on with life, it looks like there will be no bullet trains, sphaghetti roads and rural airports promised by Chamisa,..I hope Mnangagwa does not cash in on Chamisa’s offer to marry his sister off to Mnangagwa if Mnangagwa wins…oooooooooh!
Only the foolish, brainwashed Zimbabweans will waste their time and life, destabilising the peace, risking their lives by protesting against a ruthless military that has so far killed 6 people in just one day, a couple of days ago,….one bullet one protester is the military motto,..let the foolish dare to oppose the military,..I have always said the bullet is mightier than the ballot and nowhere in this world has amilitary regime ever been unseated by aballot,..wake up Zimbabwe,..lets move forward,..accept what you cant change and make the best of it or else the nation will suffer for ever.
www.newzimbabwevision.com calls for peace, all Zimbabweans stay put please. I long warned you all, no ballot can remove a bullet, we can go to court, destabilise peace prolong the suffering of Zimbabweans’ but bigger people such as Tsnangirai, failed that flawed strategy against aruthless Mugabe and his military, the same military now more powerful and led by filthy rich oppressive securocrats willing to do anything to maintain afirm grip on their monopoly over wealth and power…PEACE!
This is not a surprise to anyone, there is no need to start protests, become violent or other destabilisation of peace. It is too late to cry over spilt milk and the nation should now be looking far ahead and seeking to unite and rebuild for abetter future, irrespective of who wins the election tonight. We as Zimbabweans can waste another five years of our lives fighting amongst ourselves and suffering worldwide and back home or forget the past look far ahead, unite and move the motherland forward,..its time we all matured and progress with whats before us,….Peace!
A bullet is stronger than a bullet and the military showed their might last yesterday when they shot 6 people dead and left many seriously wounded and hospitalised in Harare.
What Zimbabweans fail to realise is that they are just a pawn in a game, case in point Welshman Ncube and Tsvangirai split in 2005 which divided the MDC T and saw Zanu pf romp to victory, and now again the Chamisa vs Khuphe split has by all accounts, cost the opposition votes. It is however too late to cry over spilt milk and the nation should now be looking far ahead and seeking to unite and rebuild for abetter future, irrespective of who wins the election tonight. We as Zimbabweans can waste another five years of our lives fighting amongst ourselves and suffering worldwide and back home or forget the past look far ahead, unite and move the motherland forward,..its time we all matured and progress with whats before us,….Peace!,
For the last few months, I long warned Zimbabweans that, the unfolding events were a massive benefit to three particular leaders, who had fallen foul of the late MDC T president Tsvangirai, namely Welshman Ncube, Tendai Biti and Thokozani Khuphe and that as soon as Chamisa loses to Mnangagwa, he becomes politically irrelevant and its the final nail in the coffin for MDC T which has failed for two decades to unseat Zanu pf, while thousands of Zimbabweans died, millions were forcibly exiled across the diaspora and Service delivery collapsed in Education, health care, housing, employment, electricity, housing, transport and all other areas.
You can already wee the prediction I put in place, look at Welshman Ncube an MDC ALLIANCE leader who was with Tsvangirai when the MDC was originally created in 1999 but split with Tsvangirai in 2005 after Tsvangirai refused to follow advise from Welshman Ncube a trained Constitutional lawyer who constantly warned against walking into aflawed election without any Electoral Reforms in place. Tsvangirai failed to see the reasoning and was only focused in the state house. We all saw the result of the divisions as MDC split in 2005, Tsvangirai lost and sanctions collapsed Zimbabwe.
Welshman Ncube has already announced that the MDC ALLIANCE will be registered into aunited political opposition within six months and called upon opposition to unite under one umbrella as a powerful opposition political party and work together as one to unseat the Mnangagwa, Zanu pf militarised regime. It is clear from Welshman Ncube’s silence on Tendai Biti and Nelson Chamisa’s demise that , as a constitutional lawyer, he long predicted this happening because he did not make his presence even in the run up to elections, anything of importance, infact he took a back seat and watched the whole drama unfold, obviously due to experience, maturity and a clear understanding of the nature of the broken up opposition support base against a united oppressive Zanu pf.
Chamisa along with Tendai Biti, are now potentially facing charges and imprisonment by the Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwart, securocrat and military regime. There is no amount of protest, violence and noise from opposition and opposition leaders that will change the outcome of the election and we all must just wake up and accept that Mnangagwa will be inaugurated as Zimbabwe’s president on 12 August 2018.
We need all opposition leaders to stand up and accept the outcome in theory by declaring publicly in a unity of force across social and mainstream media that their supporters must remain calm and maintain peace across the nation,….lets move on, rebuild the nation together as we all know from the past when we wasted 37 years trying to unseat Mugabe,…here we are, his spawn Emmerson Mnangagwa is ruling,..either accept it or face the AK47 which has already butchered 6 people so far and wounded many more just laast week, and you will know the army is ruthless. Welshman Ncube, can freely move on and is clearly already looking far ahead with his call for converting the MDC ALLIANCE into a political party, truely a credible future their support base, …there you have it, a scenario I told Zimbabweans repeatedly about before,…wake up Zimbabwe!
As before, I implore all Zimbabweans to exercise restraint and look at plan B even if we dispute the result of 30 July 2018 elections, which is to look at the fact that the MDC ALLIANCE made the mistake of walking into an election without the necessary electoral reforms in place,and can only contest the result in legitimate manner through the Zanu pf court system. Violence will not change the decision or help a people’s choice into statehouse,..an early grave maybe,…wake up this is the military!
It is incumbent upon all political leaders to issue calls for peace and calm amongst supporters, and in an ideal world, the majority of opposition leaders should have come together and issued a public statement to the media for the public to remain calm .
They should issue, the same calls across social media sides such as twitter, facebook whatsapp, linked in and other and mainstream media, appear across television, speak on radio and the newspapers should be calling for calm on the inauguration of Mnangagwa and thereafter.
We Zimbabweans can maintain peace without having third parties like international forces and debilitating sanctions stepping in, and we have seen for the last 20 years that the international world including SADC, AU and others, and African leaders and their nations, stood aside and did nothing, so we should not expect that, whatever develops will calm down, hence don’t start it.
Think carefully who you are dealing with, these are the same military who fought the liberation war with Mugabe and Mnangagwa as leaders, same military behind gukurahundi-20000 killed, same military behind murambatsvina, Chiadzwa, murderous white farm invasions opposition and zanu pf eliminations, 2008 election violence, forced removal of Mugabe along with numerous other unresolved issues, so, do not expect them to be issuing sweets and chocolates tonight,…probably one person one bullet! More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
Please share with all your friends and family worldwide and encourage them to share it as far and wide as possible across social and mainstream media,..get the message out to the people. Social media groups, administrators and websites must all uinite under the umbrella of peace. Zimbabwe have suffered enough, millions are spread across the diaspora, and the lost generation want to go back home to live a peaceful life.
We all need to play our part and effect citizen arrests on anyone perpetrating violence, take photos and give them to authorities, this is for all our children, black, coloured, white, any race, religion, gender, political orientation and other ..we need peace and to move on and catch up with the global village as we are twenty years behind the most basic of development, health, housing, education, transport, water, electricity, employment and a whole host of other Service Delivery!
We may not like Mnangagwa and the military but we must be wiling to accept, for the sake of peace, the only way we can move the nation forward is to unite and rebuild Zimbabwe. Instability means more suffering, and the creation of dangerous terrorist groupings, high crime, drug taking, social decadence and a total destruction of a once peace loving nation, once the jewel and Bread basket of Africa. Mugabe is gone, lets bury the past and all work together to rebuild the motherland Zimbabwe,..PEACE!
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