ZIMRA offers civil servants a con economy settlement applying gambling tactics by dangling a silencing tactic above the growingly restive civil servants

ZIMRA OFFERS CIVIL SERVANTS a con economy settlement
The Zimbabwe Government has once again applied its gambling tactics by dangling a silencing tactic above the growingly restive civil servants.Those with a minimum 10 years in service will be allowed to import vehicles duty free. This offer came in swiftly after civil servants threatened to hold a crippling protest over salaries.
The government says that, only private vehicles will be allowed in on this arrangement, while there will be no commercials vehicled such as trucks, kombis and panel vans.
The imported vehicle value will be capped at US$10,000.www.newzimbabwevision.com says that the broke militarised Mnangagwa regime is once again dicing with people’s lives, where they know that people are firstly demanding livable wages to cushion them against the effects of rising goods and services costsregime is simply gambling by offering the people shiny objects with no substance.
In reality, its a meaningless concession because many can’t and don’t even want to drive or waste much needed income on purchasing cars which will need fuel, maintenance, road tax, insurance and other costs to sustain. It is not a priority to the majority and the government knows that many people are totally not interested in it while many who have served a minimum of ten years have either retired, left the civil service or died so its absolutely meaningless.
This is simply a tactic to stop mass protests butonce again I say, wake up Zimbabwe. The people need a substantial review of wages, along with credible tangible non-monetary incentives such as housing and stands not a duty waiver.
Offhand, I can only see this benefitting civil servants with a minimum of ten years if they run around and offer the facility to people with money who want to bring in cars duty free. Its now asimple case of calculating the real duty on the vehicles to be imported, charge probably 75% to the imported and then bring in their vehicle while the 75% is all for you.
This now depends on whether the government is employing tactics such as locking the importer into a minimum number of years with the vehicle before onward sale or other duty cost recovery schemes. Anyway, what Im saying, is that, this is not the time to settle for meaningless settlements such as these. The people must go ahead with the crushing protests against government, slow down services, shut down critical services, render the government unmanageable. When the people use their power to shut down the government, they will be able to force the government to sit down and present tangible,, credible settlements in moving the country forward. This time, don’t agree on a con economy settlement. Its not about any particular opposition, but about the people of Zimbabwe and thats the position from which we attack the common enemy to everyone, the militarised Mnangagwa Zanu pf regime. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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