ZIMPAPERS (1980) Ltd hike Herald,Chronicle prices to US$2.00 , Sunday Mail, Sunday News, Business Weekly- US$3 each

Zimbabwe Newspapers (1980) Ltd has with immediate effect reviewed the cover prices of its eleven newspapers as it seeks to weather the current economic storm, Zim Techreview reported.
To that effect, the daily newspapers, The Herald, The Chronicle, will now cost $2, while the weeklies, Sunday Mail, Business Weekly and Sunday News, will now sell for $3, the tabloids from Zimpapers namely the H-Metro, B-Metro, Kwayedza, uMthunywa and the Southern Times will cost $1.00 while the Manicaland newspaper, Manica Post will sell for $1.50.
Below is the notice from Zimpapers:
To Our Valued Clients 
Zimpapers would like to advise its valued customers of new cover prices for all its publications with effect from Sunday 10 February 2019. The increases come as a mitigatory measure in the face of increasing costs of production. 
The new prices which come into effect are as follows: 
Publication New Price 
Herald 2.00 Chronicle 2.00 Sunday Mail 3.00 Business Weekly 3.00 Sunday News 3.00 H-Metro 1.00 B-Metro 1.00 Kwayedza 1.00 uMthunywa 1.00 Southern Times 1.00 Manica Post 1.50

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