BULAWAYO,man bludgeons mother (79) to death with iron rod after Apostolic church told him she is bewitching his ailing daughter

Mzilikazi-murder (5)


A MAN from Mzilikazi suburb in Bulawayo has been arrested for allegedly killing his 79-year-old mother using an iron rod after he was told by members of an Apostolic sect that she was bewitching his ailing daughter.

Amadi Nyathi allegedly bludgeoned his elderly mother in the early hours of yesterday at the family home at number R79 Mzilikazi.

He was arrested and detained at Mzilikazi Police Station and is expected to  appear in court on a charge of murder soon.

Nyathi, who is said to be in his 30s, allegedly killed his mother whose name could not be established immediately after he went to an Apostolic sect and was told that she practised witchcraft.

Unnamed members of the sect blamed the woman for an undisclosed illness afflicting her granddaughter.

A neighbour, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said matters came to a head after Nyathi allegedly caught his mother conducting some rituals at their home.

“Nyathi approached an Apostolic sect which said his mother was to blame for the child’s illness.

“He caught her doing rituals using his undergarments. After being caught, his mother did not show remorse,” said the source.

The Chronicle yesterday visited the family’s residence but mourners declined to shed more light on the matter.

“We’re mourning our grandmother’s death and we have no comment,” said a woman at the wake.

Police could not immediately comment on the matter.

Nqobile Tshili/Cynthia Mthembo. source-chronicle

‘Dissolve Zacc, its a political tool to target a few senior officials, Like Jonathan Moyo, when the entire cabinet is corrupt’-Mphoko

VICE-PRESIDENT Phelekezela Mphoko stunned President Robert Mugabe and senior government officials at a high-level meeting when he said cabinet was full of thieves while also calling for the dissolution of the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (Zacc).

During the meeting, held on December 20 before Mugabe went on annual leave in the Far East, Mphoko called for the dissolution of Zacc, arguing it was being used as a political tool to target a few senior government officials when the entire cabinet was corrupt.

Mphoko was apparently angry that Zacc was pursing Higher Education minister Jonathan Moyo while leaving out other corrupt ministers.

“Mr President, Zacc must be disbanded. They have become a political tool for some among us. Why is Zacc going after one minister when this room is full of thieves?” queried Mphoko, before gesturing: “There are thieves all over in this room.”

Government officials who attended the meeting said a stunned Mugabe chuckled, but did not respond.

Moyo is being pursued by Zacc over the alleged abuse of over US$400 000 from the Zimbabwe Manpower Development Fund (Zimdef). It has since emerged that some of the funds were used to fund Zanu-PF activities and projects in his Tsholotsho North constituency.

Mphoko and Moyo are key members of the G40 faction, which has coalesced around First Lady Grace Mugabe.

The G40 faction believes Zacc is being used by Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s backers to hound his political opponents.

Moyo has publicly disclosed that he used the money to sponsor the Zanu-PF Youth League’s million-man march, apart from buying bicycles for chiefs in his Tsholotsho North constituency.

“The million-man march was not a Zanu-PF event. It was a national event in solidarity with the President as head of state & government!” Moyo tweeted in October, after being asked by his followers if using Zimdef funds for Zanu-PF activities was not tantamount to abusing state resources.

Moyo has also taken to Twitter, alleging he was being pursued as part of a tribal and succession agenda.

“No to tribal capture of state institution,” he tweeted in October. Factionalists, successionists and tribalists reckon they get away with corrupting and abusing institutions and due processes. “Everyone knows who the thieving tribalists and murderers are. If you do not know them you are a fool or one of them. Down with tribalism.” Source – Zim Ind

GOVERNMENTpromises to build 500 000 housing units for civil servants in the next 18 months …hmmn in time for 2018 elections!

happyton-bonyongwe-constantine-chiwenga-robert-mugabe-cio-590-590x280-590x280-590x280 (2)
GOVERNMENT has announced an ambitious programme to build 500 000 housing units for civil servants in the next 18 months, as part of efforts to reduce the housing backlog and incentivise its workers..
Addressing a stakeholders’ meeting in Harare yesterday, Local Government ministry secretary, George Mlilo, dismissed suspicions that the project was politically timed to coincide with the run-up to the 2018 general elections to give the ruling Zanu PF party an upper hand.
“This is not a political project. Look, I am not a politician, I am an engineer. I don’t need to tell you what you want to hear. I tell you the truth,” he said.
Mlilo pleaded with stakeholders, including construction companies, banks and land developers, to co-operate on the project.“I want to start deducting something from the civil servants by the end of March, but that would only be possible if we have something concrete. Everybody must participate,” he said.
Mlilo said they would come up with a user-friendly cost to make the houses affordable to civil servants. Government has pegged the stands at $4 per square metre to ensure affordability, with an additional $1 going towards administration fees. All payments will be made through the Salary Services Bureau, he said.
Mlilo accused some housing co-operatives of adopting politicians’ names in order to protect their illegal activities.
“They give themselves names like Sally Mugabe Housing Cooperative, Grace Mugabe, Mama Mafuyana Housing Co-operative and when you approach them, they tell you the First Lady is our patron. What would I do? I am only a man,” he said. By Xolisani Ncube source-newsday

Retired Anglican cleric, Rev Hon Canon Lazarus Tashaya Muyambi, decison to bury his wife, inside the church, shocked villagers

The 1933 Chapel in which Mrs Muyambi is buried

There was a fear of ghosts in the ancient world and a loathing of close proximity with the dead to the extent that the Roman law prohibited either burial or cremation within the city.  

In succeeding years and with the development of Christianity, the wish to separate the living and the dead weakened as cremation made way for burial as a means of disposing of the dead.

Churches began to be associated with a royal burial or with the burial of a saint on the site.

Research shows that bishops and martyrs began to be buried in churches, despite earlier disapproval.

The tradition of burying the occasional Holy person or the Royal Martyr became so entrenched that rich and powerful people started to be buried inside the Church.

In fact, anyone with money wanted to be buried inside the Church and the rate of burials rose in the post-reformation period.

Bodies were buried in either a cloister or chancel in the Church and the numbers of burials on Church sites increased. Rather than an occasional burial for a specific occasion, noble families actively developed their traditional vaults under the Church and this became a practice hallowed by tradition.

In Zimbabwe, the nation is still grappling with news that popular philanthropist and retired Anglican cleric, Reverend Honorary Canon Lazarus Tashaya Muyambi, buried his wife, Irene Neddie Mashinya, inside a church on November 26 last year.

The decision by Rev Muyambi, who owns Chita Chezvipo Zvemoto (CZM) Primary School, St Agnes Children’s Home, Christian Healing Mission and Logos Girls High (boarding school) at Gokwe Centre, to bury his wife in a church, continues to baffle many communities.

The incident triggered a social media debate, where pictures of the burial, with a coffin inscribed “Mum”, were being circulated.

In the circulating pictures, Mrs Muyambi’s coffin was placed near a grave dug inside the church before its subsequent burial.

To this day, some mourners who attended the burial are still expressing their displeasure at the practice, which they described as foreign and feared would bring bad omen to the community, which is under Chief Njelele.

What, however, these people don’t know is that Rev Muyambi wants to be buried next to his wife in the church.

The Chief wants Mrs Muyambi’s body to be exhumed and buried at a “proper” burial place but his powers are superseded by those of the Gokwe Town Council.

Rev Muyambi showed the Chronicle news crew a space between the pulpit and his wife’s grave, which he said had been reserved for his grave.

Chief Njelele said it was taboo for an indvidual to be buried in a church hence he was engaging the council to have the body exhumed.

“It’s a pity that the area is under Gokwe Town Council and as such I cannot order the exhumation of the body. My position, however, is that we can’t have people burying their loved ones in churches.

“Next it will be in houses and can we have graves in every house or church? It’s a big no. I want this body exhumed and buried properly,” said Chief Njelele.

He said the practice is not common in the country and should not be tolerated despite Rev Muyambi’s insistence that it is popular in other countries.

Gokwe Town secretary Ms Melania Mandeya said while the property was in the council area, the local authority had no powers to stop the burial in the church since it was on private property. “We don’t have laws that prohibit such practice,” she said.

Ms Mandeya said councillors and an estimated 1 200 mourners attended the burial and not a single person raised an objection to the decision to bury Rev Muyambi’s wife in the Church.

Gokwe town residents, however, said Church buildings were places of worship and not burials.

“Even Jesus Christ was not buried in the church; this will bring bad omen to Gokwe. The Chief or town council should make sure that the body is buried in its rightful place which is the cemetery” said one resident who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Rev Muyambi said he did not bury Neddie (Mrs Muyambi) in the Anglican Church building but in his private Chapel which is called The Trinity Zimbabwe Healing Chapel.

The Anglican Church is located about 300 metres from the Chapel although the two buildings are housed in one yard known as the Village of Reverend Honorary Canon Lazarus Tashaya Muyambi.

Rev Muyambi said the two buildings were separate entities although they were both built under his watch.

As a result of his wife’s support and vision, Rev Muyambi said more than 800 orphans have passed through the children’s home while  more than 150 witches repented before giving their lives to Jesus Christ.

He said Gokwe North and South now boast of 20 Anglican churches, which he started with his wife, Neddie.

“Neddie was buried in our private Chapel which we use for prayers. We use it to help the sick and the needy in prayer. In that same Chapel is space left for me and I will be buried beside my dear wife,” said Rev Muyambi.

He said they had managed to set up their Village because of his wife who he married aged 19 years when he was 27 before they settled in the Gokwe area in 1972.

“This Chapel, Anglican Church, girls boarding school, healing centre, the orphanage and clinic are all as a result of Neddie’s hard work. I couldn’t have done it alone so burying her in our Chapel was my way of honouring her. I’m not the first and won’t be the last to bury someone in a church. There’re people buried in the Roman Catholic and Anglican cathedrals in Harare. Samuel Mutendi the founder of Zion Christian Church is buried at Defe Dopota.

In Botswana where I once ministered, I buried some people in houses. So all I’m saying is this is not unique to me. I’m not apologetic about what I did. I stand tall knowing that I’ve honoured my wife, my friend who stood by me when all this was a forest shunned by people until it developed to what it is today,” said Rev Muyambi.

Mr Izwi Muyambi, the deceased’s son, said he did not understand the public outcry following the burial of his mother in the church as it was a norm in Anglican and Roman Catholic churches.

“There is nothing wrong with burying someone in the church as it is the norm in the Anglican and Roman Catholic churches,” said Mr Muyambi.  By Patrick Chitumba source-chronicle

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Mugabe’s renting average US$500 000 per year for upmarket villa in Emirates Hills, Dubai, roughly US$42 000 per month


The legal dispute over the botched purchase of a US$1.35 million diamond ring between the First Lady Grace Mugabe and Lebanese businessman Jamal Ahmed has opened a can of worms amid revelations that the Mugabe’s are paying up to US$500 000 annual in rentals for an upmarket villa in Emirates Hills, Dubai.The rentals translate to US$42 000 per month enough to buy two houses in some Harare’s high density suburbs monthly.

This is contained in Jamal’s High Court affidavit filed through Beatrice Mtetwa in response to Grace’s deposition. Source – Zim Ind

‘TSVANGIRAI MDCT are no longer Zanu pf focus, but instead, we Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) are

Joice-Mujuru-3000 (1)  final, final, final

Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF) leader, Joice Mujuru yesterday said her party had become the latest target of President Robert Mugabe’s violent campaign and the ruling party’s nemesis, Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC-T was enjoying a rare reprieve

In a final throw of the dice to drum up support for her party candidate, Kudakwashe Gopo, ahead of tomorrow’s parliamentary by-election in Bikita West, Mujuru said Mugabe’s Zanu PF had resorted to offering cash to senior officials in her party, as part of its infiltration shenanigans.

“We hear that among our war veterans in the party, someone was given $90 000 so that they keep quiet. Such is the level of Zanu PF infiltration, which has targeted us more than the MDC-T,” she said.

“They are no longer worried about the MDC-T, but the focus is now on us.”

Zanu PF has spared no efforts in a vicious war of attrition against Tsvangirai since the turn of the century, but Mujuru’s emergence on the political scene with her liberation war credentials presents a new challenge for the party.

Mujuru also came face to face with Zanu PF electoral gamesmanship ahead of her rally, as the ruling party scheduled several meetings in the constituency to hand over farming inputs and food aid, as a counter-attraction to stop people from going to Mujuru’s do.

A visibly-exasperated Mujuru accused Mugabe of turning the country into “a nation of beggars and abusing this for political gain”.

“When we were coming from Masvingo, we saw several groups of people at different places waiting to receive food handouts from Zanu PF, yet the party claims to have taken land,” she said.

“Mugabe talked about the $15 billion diamond theft, as if it was 15 cents that had been stolen. It seems as if it’s something that can be envied to give people food handouts. Zimbabweans do not take pride in being beggars and destitute.

Mujuru twisted the knife into her former boss further claiming the former guerilla leader had “sold out” and thrown out of the window the ideals that drove tens of thousands of Zimbabweans to fight colonialism.

“At independence, we thought we had removed oppression, which was mainly white rule. But now Mugabe has turned into the face of black oppression. He has disregarded the liberation war ethos,” she said.

“Mugabe only pretends to give importance to the war through talking. We all know how all saw how the treatment of war veterans changed over the years. They started saying lots of things about war veterans.”

Mujuru likened Mugabe to former Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin. Gopo is facing five other contestants, who include Zanu PF’s Beauty Chabaya, National Constitutional Assembly’s Madock Chivasa, Tanyaradzwa Terrence Makumbo of the Progressive Democrats of Zimbabwe, two independent candidates, Heya Shoko and Innocent Muzvimbiri.

The seat fell vacant last year after Munyaradzi Kereke (Zanu PF) was slapped with a 10-year jail term for rape. By Tatenda Chitagu. source newsday

National Students Union SG says he was never abducted by CIOs and was never missing as claimed by activist Ms Linda Masarira,

Makomborero Haruzivishe, the Zimbabwe National Students Union secretary-general says he was never abducted by state security agents and was never missing as he spent last weekend at his parents’ home in Harare. Controversial political activist Ms Linda Masarira, believed to be Haruzivishe’s live-in girlfriend, last week posted pictures showing injuries she claimed had been inflicted by six unknown men, insinuating the assailants were State security agents.

Ms Masarira suggested that Haruzivishe had been abducted and was missing and appealed for donations to help her after her “ordeal”.

However, there was a massive fallout as close associates of the pair in the opposition-backing civil society questioned Ms Masarira’s story, pointing out it was a gimmick to seek funding. It was also revealed that Ms Masarira had been battered by Haruzivishe.

Yesterday, Haruzivashe appeared stung by the blow-back and revealed that he had not been abducted and took the opportunity to expose the dirty linen in the civil society movement.

He also disowned Ms Masarira.

“Well, I am shocked by the level of immaturity exhibited by some misguided elements bent on tarnishing my image through creation and propagation of falsehoods,” he said on his Facebook page.

“How they manage to do this without guilty conscience boggles the mind. I had earlier on tried to ignore it , for I didn’t want to dignify their nonsense with my response. However, it is with regret that I note these buffoons are now mistaking my quiet response, or lack of it thereof as weakness and incapacity to react accordingly,” he fumed.

He explained that he was not in a relationship with Ms Masarira.

“I have my girlfriend whom I love so much and am pretty sure she loves me as much,” he said.

“Secondly, I was not with her the time she was attacked by whosoever attacked her. I was home reading and preparing for my oncoming exams.

“Thirdly, and most importantly, I did not and never will have a physical confrontation with a woman. So if Linda made any insinuations which may in any way implicate me to her attack I kindly am asking her to make an immediate correction and set the record straight,” said Haruzivishe.

He concluded: “Lastly, I was never missing over the weekend, I was at home and was actually shocked when Linda Masarira, Promise Mkwananzi, Hardlife Mudzingwa and Watmore Makokoba visited me, telling me there is word out there to the effect that I am missing.”

Haruzivishe had no kind words for fellow activists whom he accused of mudslinging, singling out former student leader Mr Pride Mukono and Mr Patson Dzamara.

He described Mr Mkono as “scud gobbling, ganja smoking and Cranko addict who would do anything for a plate of sadza or a bottle of beer”.

“To you Patson Dzamara, a masquerade doctor, I would want to remind you that Twitter and Facebook are not libraries, neither is your selfie gallery a lecture room. So being a social media fanatic is not in any way correlated to academic prowess nor is your selfie gallery an authority that empowers you to propagate lies and fool people. Stop abusing Itai Dzamara’s wife and kids to line your dirty pockets,” he charged. source-herald

Chivayo tribute to late VP John Nkomo, ‘plagiarises’ Puff Daddy and Faith Evans’s I’ll be Missing You, a tribute to the late Notorious BIG.

wicknell chivayo helicopter

FLAMBOYANT businessman, Wicknell Chivayo on Tuesday issued a bizarre tribute to the late Vice-President John Nkomo, where he appeared to plagiarise large swathes of Puff Daddy and Faith Evans’s I’ll be Missing You, a tribute to the late Notorious BIG.

In his tribute, Chivayo, without attributing the words to Faith Evans and P Diddy, as Sean Combs is known, pays, what seems like a moving tribute to the late Vice-President, to whom he says he was related.

“I woke up yesterday and realised its four years since the day you left,” he wrote.

“I still hope I’m dreaming. I still can’t believe you ain’t here. It’s hard to just keep going.”

Lyrics to the Grammy-winning song sound quite familiar: “Every day I wake up/I hope I’m dreamin

“I can’t believe this sh*t/Can’t believe you ain’t here. Sometimes it’s just hard for a n*gga to wake up
“It’s hard to just keep goin.”

Some of the words in Chivayo’s tribute, which are similar to the Billboard chart-topping songs are: “When its real, feelings are hard to conceal, can’t imagine all the pain I feel. It’s very hard with you not around, but I know you are in heaven smiling down, watching us while we pray for you.

He then ploughs through P Diddy’s lyrics for the 1997 tribute to the slain Christopher Wallace Jnr, popularly known as Notorious BIG.

The tribute was carried as part of a supplement in State media remembering Nkomo, who died four years ago.
Plagiarism is defined as copying someone else’s work and presenting it as one’s own.

Last year, I’ll Be Missing You was rated as 99th best song of all time by Billboard.

Chivayo yesterday said there was nothing to write about, as the tribute message was not an official document or a speech presented at an event.

“You are missing it now. Make it a front page [story] that Chivayo in plagiarising, I don’t mind. I missed my former VP and had to flight that advert. The song you are referring to was also a dedication after someone’s death and it is different from what Melania Trump did,” he said.

Trump was accused of plagiarising outgoing United States First Lady Michelle Obama’s speech when she addressed the Republican National Convention last year. source-newsday

ABOUT twenty gold panners arrested over rival gangs violence at Senco Night Club, Mahamba Business Centre Inyathi


ABOUT 20 gold panners have been arrested in Inyathi following violent clashes involving rival gangs.

Clashes at Senco Night Club, Mahamba Business Centre at about 11PM on Saturday saw some patrons being attacked with machetes, knives and stones.

Bubi District Rural Council chief executive officer Mr Partson Mlilo said on Wednesday police raided the illegal panners and arrested 20 people.

He said council offered the police council vehicles to transport the illegal miners after raiding them.

“The police are doing the best they can. Some of the culprits have been arrested. I think 20 of them were arrested today (Wednesday). The challenge faced by police is that these people don’t have any identification particulars and are of no fixed abode. They live in the bush,” said Mr Mlilo.

Yesterday, Chief Mtshane said the local leadership was not happy with rising attacks on ordinary people by the illegal miners.

He said he was mobilising the local leadership for a meeting with the police over the issue.

The Chief said last Friday’s attacks were carried out by people who do not come from Inyathi.

Chief Mtshane said omakorokoza invading the area should respect the local people’s hospitality.

“Villagers are now living in fear of being attacked. The attacks violate their freedom of association. People should move freely without being intimidated.

We don’t expect people in rural areas to be attacked, they should enjoy their freedoms,” he said.

Inyathi villagers told The Chronicle on Wednesday that some of the troublemakers were gold panners coming from disused mines such as Durban, Queens and Clayton located in Bubi District.

An employee at Senco Night Club said attacks at his workplace last Friday in which some ordinary people were injured were due to grudges emanating from the illegal gold fields.

“Because of the rains, omakorokoza can no longer stay in the bush. They come here with their grudges and start fighting in bars. That is what happened last Friday, we were enjoying ourselves until they started causing problems attacking people indiscriminately,” said Mr Nyoni who has worked at Senco Night Club for the past seven years.

In a statement yesterday, National police spokesperson Senior Assistant Commissioner Charity Charamba, said last Friday’s attacks in Inyathi were not gold related.

“Please be advised that our records of the assaults that occurred at Senco Night Club, Inyathi, on 13th January 2017 are not linked to gold panning,” said Snr Asst Comm Charamba.

She said according to the police, the incident occurred after three unknown patrons who were drinking in the company of a female imbiber started fighting among themselves.

“A misunderstanding arose among the accused persons after one of them poured beer on his colleague. A brawl ensued between the accused persons.

Martin Khabo and Daniel Lambani tried to break the fight,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba said.

She said the two people who were fighting then stopped fighting and turned on the peace makers Mr Khabo and Mr Lambadi.

“Realising that the two complainants were being attacked, three male adults went to their rescue and tried to restrain the three accused persons but they were also attacked.

“All the five complainants in the matter sustained varying degrees of injuries and were referred to Inyathi District Hospital for treatment and have since been discharged except Martin Khabo who was referred to Mpilo Hospital for further treatment,” Snr Asst Comm Charamba said.

Asked about the alleged arrest of 20 gold panners on Wednesday, Snr Asst Comm Charamba: “This could be different circumstances but I will find out.

However, I am aware of the gold problems in the area.” By Nqobile Tshili. source-chronicle

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