Legendary Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi will on Saturday 22/04/17 host an exclusive 65th birthday bash in UK.

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Legendary Zimbabwean musician Oliver Mtukudzi will on Saturday 22/04/17 host an exclusive 65th birthday bash in UK.
This rare and exclusive event will be held at the Marriott Waltham
Abbey Old Shire Ln, Waltham Abbey EN9 3LX . The Marriott Waltham Abbey is a magnificent 4 star hotel, situated less than 2 minutes drive off Junction 26 on the M25 Motorway in London.
The nearest train station to this venue is Loughton Underground Station on the Central Line and then a short taxi drive.
Tickets are limited as this is an exclusive event and available on a first come first served basis at £75 per head however early bird tickets are now on sale for £60 per head online at http://www.tuku65.com.
Tickets entitle holders to a full dinner and a once in a life time opportunity to dine with and celebrate an illustrious musical career of one of Africa’s greatest musicians, Oliver Mtukudzi.
Please call the 24 hour information line on 0208 9355 065 for any assistance needed. Free complimentary parking has been arranged for all Tuku@65 guests. Thank , see you all there! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

MDCT Tsvangirai and MDC Ncube admit splitting the original MDC contributed to Mugabe’s repeated electoral victory

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MDC T leader Richard Morgan Tsvangirai has had a busy week starting on Monday when he signed a Memorandum of understanding with the former leader of Zimbabwe People’s Front now the leader of National People’s Front (NPF).

He went on to sign another Memorandum of understanding with another opposition yesterday crafting a new Political Agreement with the MDC leader Professor Welshman Ncube, ending a difficult twelve year period between the two leadersTsvangirai and Ncube and their parties, MDC T and MDC ahead of the much acclaimed 2018 ballot against the then 94 year old Nonegenarian Zimbabwe dictator Robert Gabriel Mugabe.

Tsvangirai added that it is not practical for anyone to expect opposition forces to contest the 2018 ballot split apart, while Welshman Ncube also admitted blame for problems that the original MDC split created.

He admitted that this was clearly not in the national interest and split the electorate and said he concurred with Tsvangirai on everything that followed the MDC split and it was more important not just to accept responsibility over the split but also for opposition to take the necessary steps in ‘creating a formidable force’. By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

VICE PRESIDENT EMMERSON MKNANGAGWA condemns MDCT legislators for continuously demanding that all cabinet ministers attend parliarment

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Vice-President Emerson Mnangagwa has rapped MDC-T legislators for continuously demanding that all Cabinet ministers attend Parliament despite there being deputy ministers and some ministers in the Chamber at all times.
In an interview last week, VP Mnangagwa said the public posturing by the opposition legislators was meant to please their handlers.
Question time in Parliament on Wednesdays has often been disrupted by MDC-T lawmakers, who launch protests over the number of ministers in the House.
But VP Mnangagwa said there was no justification for MDC-T MPs to raise those complaints or make such demands.
“Ministers are Honourable Members of Parliament and in my view are responsible persons,” he said. “Most ministers have deputies. I have no doubt that the deputies understand the policy of the ministry for which they are deputies. So, the question time is an issue of policy and not of statistics.
“Question time is about what is the policy, the direction, the vision (of a ministry). How would you have a deputy who does not know what his ministry is doing and where it intends to go? In many cases, the ministers would be engaged elsewhere, but their deputies would be there.
“But in most cases at least six or eight ministers would be in the Chamber and above all, I come. I cover (as Leader of Government Business) all ministries, it does not matter which one, in terms of policy; I would be able to answer.”
VP Mnangagwa said the tendency to blame Government ministers was in most cases unfair.
“It is the opposition (which does that) but that is their duty; I do not blame them, that is their duty to criticise,” he said. “If there are no ministers, they can make the noise and it passes, because their constituency must know that they are talking, so they must talk, but there have been no questions that have gone unanswered.”
On his part, VP Mnangagwa said he reminded ministers during Cabinet meetings every Tuesday of the need to attend Parliament the following day.
“Every Tuesday I remind my colleagues in Cabinet that the next day, Wednesday, there will be question time, so most minsters who are able to come will do so, but those who are committed elsewhere will make sure that their deputies are there,” he said.
“But you find that members of the opposition may not want deputy ministers to answer, they want the particular minister to answer. This is democracy, they are allowed to make noise.” Zvamaida Murwira herald

‘ZIMBABWE’S ELECTORAL DEMOCRACY IS IN DANGER because only 14% of the youth who form the majority of the population are registered voters’- Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU).


ZIMBABWE’S electoral democracy is in danger, as most youths are excluded from elections either through disenfranchisement or failure to contest for public office despite being the majority population, the Research and Advocacy Unit (RAU) has said.

In a report titled Framing the debate: Youth voter registration in Zimbabwe in preparation for 2018 elections released on the eve of Independence Day, RAU said there was need to move away from “electoralism” and the focus must be on the meaningfulness of the elections.

“The youth make up about 41% of the eligible voters, but only constitute 14% of the registered voters in Zimbabwe. Thus, the youth are largely excluded from democratic governance processes. They vote in less numbers than older age groups and fewer young people stand as candidates in local and national elections,” RAU said.

“Zimbabwe also has a very large demographic youth bulge, with over 75% of the population under 35 years, which this has ramifications for policy and welfare of the young.”

The think-tank noted that a voters’ roll that excludes such huge numbers of disenfranchised Zimbabweans was an inaccurate record of the eligible voters and inevitably, elections conducted using such a voters’ roll were an invalid claim of the Zimbabweans choice of leaders.

“The Zimbabweans that are allowed to register and vote should be concerned about the exclusion of eligible voters, who are being improperly excluded from the eligibility criteria,” RAU pointed out.

“Too much focus on mere voting in elections and not on the benefits of participating in those elections leads to disillusionment in the process. For many young people the questions that need to be answered are: Is there a youth agenda that needs to be heard? Which contestants in the elections are focusing on government effectiveness and do the youth know about those contestants’ ideologies?”
Source newsday

OLINDA CHAPEL (33) as promised, starts ‘THE WOMEN’ SORORITY’

In February 2017, Olinda Chapel (33) made a promise to herself and women in Zimbabwe to start a sorority in a bid to turn her lemons into lemonade and this led to the birth of “The Women’s Sorority.”
This came after her realisation of the need of women to support each other through their predicaments and change them for the better.
As a Business woman, mother of two, philanthropist and strategic-thinking professional, she strongly believes in uplifting other women as she relates to their struggles as women in male dominated communities and industries.
An official launch is set to be in the city of Harare at the end of the month of May on a date and venue yet to be announced.
The Women’s Sorority’s focus is on the empowerment of women through business development and mentorship programs that will be led by a consortium of established business women and industry captains.
According to Chapel, the set target is to have 50 women per quarter (currently living in poverty) to help set up businesses and be mentored existing business women.
“The Women’s Sorority is targeting single mothers and grandmothers by giving them a life skill that could aid in the looking after their families.
“This programme is a self-funded charity initiative that seeks to build a strong support system within Zimbabwean’s women’s communities that will grow as each year approaches.
“The Sorority is a special place where women feel safe. When women root for each other we become unstoppable,”says Ms Chapel.
Source – Byo24News

HUSBAND DISCOVERS AFFAIR nurse wife and nurse colleague on whatsapp,…again!

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TWO Harare Central Hospital married nurses’ illicit affair came to light following the discovery of WhatsApp love messages by the female nurse’s husband on Monday.

Tsitsi Darare, 33, who made headlines in 2013 for cheating with a medical doctor, is at it again, this time with a married nurse Tafadzwa Jackson.

Their workplace romance came to light after Tsitsi’s husband, only identified as Baba Ruth caught her chatting with Jackson and grabbed the mobile phone and went through their conversations.

Baba Ruth disclosed to H-Metro that he has lost patience with Tsitsi forcing him to engage her parents over her behaviour given that she once cheated with a medical doctor in 2013.

“I want to believe that Tsitsi’s behaviour is almost similar to a whore because this is not her first time to cheat, she was published in newspapers in 2013 over cheating with a married doctor,” said Baba Ruth.

“She was chatting with Jackson while I was seated in the room, imagine, atotindivara nechipfambi yavanhundira mutsime inosvibisa panoiraramisa.

“When other nurses will be busy treating patients, Tsitsi and Jackson will be busy salivating to have sex, that is what I read from their conversations, she asked him for time to have sex.

“I have lost patience with this woman and my worry is about our kids and I considered their fate when I decided to forgive Tsitsi on the first incident.

“Her parents were not home when I took my kids there to have a meeting because I discovered from the messages that Tsitsi’s young sister is aware of the illicit affair and Jackson visits their house.

“To make matters worse she pretends to be an ardent follower of Christianity and attends church services every week unaware that she is a whore who cannot get sexual satisfaction from one man,” he said in the company of his two kids.

He showed H-Metro more photographs of Tsitsi partying with men in Chitungwiza.

Contacted for comment, Tsitsi denied cheating with Jackson despite the messages caught blaming Baba Ruth for cheating first.

“I sent love messages to Jackson I work with not that I am in love with him, ini ndikati kwamuri I love you does that mean we are in love,” said Tsitsi.

“He confronted me over the messages and I explained to him that I am not in love with Jackson but he failed to understand it.

“As for the photographs he showed you those are my classmates and we were having fun not that there is one I am in an affair with.

“Please do not publish that story. It is better for me to bring another story of my husband cheating with a lady because he wants to fix me,” said Tsitsi.

Tsitsi’s mother Mai Darare confirmed the mishap urging Baba Ruth to resolve his differences with Tsitsi amicably.

“Tsitsi’s husband came here but could not see me since I was attending a funeral but I urge him to resolve his differences with Tsitsi amicably,” said Mai Darare.

“I heard that he has packed his belongings and left the house but he has to remember that tomorrow he will be together with his wife and kids,” she added.

Efforts to reach Jackson were fruitless as his mobile went unanswered by the time of going to print.Below are the conversations between Jackson and Tsitsi.Source – hmetro

LIONS KILL 32 GOATS, 8 CATTLE in Chitete village Binga in two weeks


LIONS are wreaking havoc in Binga, killing livestock after straying into villages.

About 32 goats and eight cattle have been killed in two weeks by lions in Chitete village, Sinansengwe Ward under Chief Sinansengwe in Binga.

Sinansengwe ward councillor Mr Elmon Mudenda said they reported the matter to the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Authority and when rangers came to the area, the lions were nowhere to be found, only to resurface afterwards.

“People are threatened with poverty as livestock is their source of wealth. Villagers here depend on cattle rearing as compared to crop growing.

“Although this is a common occurrence as it happens every year, this time the lions have come in full force, killing seven to 12 goats in one kraal on a single night,” he said.

“One villager lost 12 goats in one night while the other lost seven goats over the weekend. The National Parks and Campfire rangers came to the village, and in about three days that they were patrolling around, not a single lion was seen but as soon as they returned to Binga, the lions were spotted again.”

Chief Sinansengwe said people in Sinansengwe ward were now living in fear of the lions.

“We’ve done the best we can to drive wildlife out of our villages to safeguard human life as well as that of our livestock. However, lions have always been problematic in our wards especially in winter when people don’t drive cattle into the bushes,” said the chief.

“This time the lions are killing in larger numbers. We’re wondering if we’ll remain with any livestock unless National Parks intervenes.”

Villagers said they were appealing to the Zimbabwe National Parks and Wildlife Authority as well as to Binga Rural District Council to assist them deal with the wild animals before human lives are lost.
Source – chronicle

MAID (20) Jailed Five Years for fatally scalding her employers two year old child


A 20-YEAR-OLD Harare maid, who left a bucket full of hot water unattended resulting in it spilling and scalding to death her employer’s two-year-old child, was yesterday jailed for five years.

Vaidah Nzanga will serve three years after Harare magistrate Hosiah Mujaya suspended two years on condition of good behaviour.

In his ruling, Mujaya said Nzanga showed a high degree of negligence after working as a maid and staying with different minors for five years.

“The degree of negligence is high and sentencing you to a non-custodial term will set a wrong precedent, as the minor’s life was lost in this gross negligence,” he said.

Nzanga apologised to the family in court, saying it was an accident and she did not leave the bucket full of hot water intentionally.

The State said on March 13 at around 5pm, Nzanga and the now-deceased Tanaka Chimusaru were at home. Nzanga took a 10-litre bucket full of hot water intending to use it for bathing, but left it in the passage to attend to the door.
The court heard while she was closing the door, the minor ran through the passage and hit the bucket and the water spilled onto his whole body severely scalding him.

The minor was then rushed to Mbuya Dorcas Hospital for treatment, where he died on March 15. The body was taken to Harare Central Hospital mortuary, where a doctor established that the death was due to severe burns on the whole body.

George Manokore was representing the State. By Desmond Chingarande.

Businessman Wicknell Chivayo implicated in ZAR 1,5 million fraud

HARARE socialite Genius Kadungure, who faces allegations of defrauding Chegutu West Zanu PF MP Dextor Nduna of ZAR 1,5 million, has implicated businessman Wicknell Chivayo in the alleged fraud and wants him summoned to court over the same charge.
Kadungure’s lawyers last week wrote to the National Prosecuting Authority challenging its decision to leave out Chivayo. This was after Kadungure was summoned for trial on April 11 this year.
“Our client is surprised that despite his explanation that is corroborated by the witness statement of Dania Kambwebwe, which explains our client’s involvement in the matter, he has been singled out as the only accused person,” the lawyers from Venturas and Samukange law firm, said.
“The statements by Kambwebwe establish the link between the offence in question, herself, Mr W Chivayo, Edward Teka and Blessing Shaya, but the charge sheet has been altered by removal of other accused persons from the proceedings for reasons unknown to our client,” the letter, dated April 10, read.
In her warned-and-cautioned statement, Kambwebwe allegedly submitted that she received the money in question from Kadungure on behalf and at the instance of Chivayo.
The lawyers also challenged the State’s decision to continue with the matter, which is currently before the Alexandra Magistrates Court in Gauteng Province, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Kadungure was arrested in May 2014 on allegations of swindling Nduna, who is the managing director of Badon Enterprises, and a Kadoma miner only known as Gatawa of R1 581 890.
According to the State outline, Kadungure allegedly formed a fictitious company named Transco Civil Engineering purportedly based in South Africa and opened an ABSA bank account for the company.
It is alleged he then contacted the complainants over the phone and misrepresented himself as the chief buyer for Marange Resources looking for mining pumps at competitive prices.
In December 2011, Gatawa allegedly sent his brother Enock to South Africa to purchase the pumps and he was ordered to deposit R1 046 890 for the purchase of 10 flight pumps in the ABSA bank account, and the latter obliged. He allegedly deposited another ZAR 500 000.
After the transfers, Enock was told by Transco Civil Engineering “officials” to go back to Zimbabwe and check for his parcel with DHL in three days’ time, but got shocked after he only received a parcel of cellphone chargers. By Desmond Chingarande. newsday

Glen Norah A, Harare man (24) stabbed his 9month old baby in scuffle with the mother cut its throat and dumped the body outside the house after the woman fled from the attack.


Baby Tanatswa became the victim when the father Vincent Sakutukwa missed his wife only identified as Memory and stabbed the baby.

Vincent went on to finish off the baby by cutting its throat and dumping the body outside the house after Memory escaped from the attack.

The incident took place at House No. 1809 Ngezi Street and Vincent disappeared from the scene only to be spotted in Glen Norah C, undressed.

One of the neighbours told H-Metro that Vincent was spotted undressed hiding at a hill near Mukivisi River after he hurled stones at neighbours who failed to apprehend him threatening to stab anyone who came close to him.

“He was spotted undressed by someone who was coming from prayers and they clothed Vincent as he pretended to be insane,” said one of the neighbours.

“I want to believe that Vincent is not mentally challenged since he is studying towards a Diploma in Business Marketing but could have been attacked by evil spirits since his wife once mentioned that he would act like a baboon before the heinous act,” said the neighbour.

When H-Metro arrived, Vincent was being led to Glen Norah Police Station.

A family representative refused to entertain H-Metro referring the reporters to the source.

“We are still in shock that we cannot give a comment at the same time his wife is still mourning,” said the representative refusing to identify themselves.
source H metro

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