Manicaland woman only discovers her partner is female three years into marriage

Woman  discovers that her partner is a woman three years into marriage
An idiom goes, love is blind.
Some say when in love, the glare can be too bright it can blind a person. For others love is blind to reason and common sense.
True that if you love someone you cannot see any faults in that person.
In Zimbabwe’s Manicaland Province, a bizarre case that left Mutare’s Dangamvura residents with their mouths ajar, a woman from Founders location unknowingly married another woman — thinking she was a man — slept with “him” on numerous occasions, while he used a small pestle (umgigo) as “his” manhood.
The cunning tomboy allegedly covered the black pestle with two condoms, switched off the lights each time they became intimate and always refused to be caressed by “his” partner.
Memory Danzi (34) of House Number 8647, Founders only discovered that her partner was a woman recently — three years into the marriage — after she noticed some blood stains on Clemence George Chibaya Chiwenga’s pants. The stains were said to be from her menstruation.
She quickly set up a trap in the bathroom, budged in as “he” was busy scrubbing “his” body and behold, the person she had been calling hubby was just a woman like her.
All the skeletons that were hidden in the closet for the past three years began to come out. Last Saturday night Danzi made a report against Chiwenga at Dangamvura Police Station.
Police have since opened an aggravated indecent assault docket in view of the “pestle” that was used by the suspect in making love to the complainant without her knowledge. The “pestle” was recovered and it will be used in court as an exhibit.
When Chiwenga realised that her lover had gone to make a police report, she vanished from the scene and was arrested on Monday night after an ambush at a garage where she was hiding.
Following her arrest, police officers were in a quandary on whether to lock her up in female holding cells or to send ‘‘him’’ to male cells.
At the police station, Chiwenga admitted that she was a woman, leaving the police in a dilemma on how to treat her.
Due to circumstances surrounding the case, the officers felt that if she was to be locked up with fellow female inmates she might abuse them like what she allegedly did to the complainant.
Placing “him” in men’s cells was also tricky because although she behaves and wants to be a man, she is a woman.
Chiwenga left police with no other option. They locked her up alone in a secure office for the night.
The news crew caught up with Danzi who tearfully chronicled the hard-to-believe events surrounding the three-year affair with the suspect whom she thought and believed was a man. She felt grossly cheated and abused.
“I fell in love with this ‘man’ in 2013, but I later went and stayed in Macheke. I came back to Mutare in 2015 and we reignited our romance. Before ‘he’ dated me, I only knew ‘him’ as a carpenter and ‘he’ used to repair my furniture.
“Then, ‘he’ had a wife and ‘he’ used to come to my house in the afternoon and went back to his wife in the evening. In August this year ‘he’ separated from his wife and came to stay with me at my house. ‘He’ told me that ‘he’ chased ‘‘his’’ wife away because she wanted to poison ‘him’,” she said and added:
“I was surprised one of the days when I told one of my children, Masset, to go and do our laundry. She went and did the laundry at a nearby stream. I did not know that Chiwenga’s pants were among the dirty clothes. As Masset did the laundry she noticed that the pants were stained with menstrual blood.”
Masset came running and broke the news to her mother. She could not believe what she saw.
“She told me that my husband’s pants were stained with blood and asked me if ‘he’ also menstruates. I was shocked. I requested to view the pants and for sure they were stained with blood.
“I took the pants and hid them. When ‘he’ came back at night I asked ‘him’ if ‘he’ suffers from a sexually transmitted disease for I suspected that the blood stains could have been caused by a disease.
“‘He’ played hide-and-seek and refused to tell me what was going on. For the next five days I noticed the blood stains on ‘his’ pants and my suspicions grew.
“In our relationship ‘he’ didn’t want me to caress ‘him’. ‘He’ didn’t want me to remove ‘his’ clothes.
“‘His’ breasts are bigger than mine and when I asked ‘him’ to explain the abnormality, ‘he’ said they were big because ‘he’ was a weightlifter.
One day I gave ‘him’ hot water to bath and I followed ‘him’ in the bathroom. When I got in I got the shock of my life. I asked ‘him’ why ‘he’ lied all these years and ‘he’ asked for forgiveness.
“I told ‘him’ to leave my house, but ‘he’ refused. I later discovered that ‘he’ was using a pestle to make love to me. I confronted ‘him’ over the issue and ‘he’ confessed that ‘he’ would put two condoms on the pestle each time we became intimate.
“I located the pestle and hid it. We quarrelled over the pestle as I wanted to take it to the police and ‘he’ wanted to destroy it. I managed to hide it under the mattress.
“Every time we slept together I felt deep pain and I had difficulties in walking because of the pestle ‘he’ used. I later opened up to my relatives and told them everything. Right now I am having endless menstrual periods because of that pestle ‘he’ used,” she said.
At the police station, Chiwenga denied ever using the pestle on the complainant. She said she used her fingers to make love and that the pestle allegations were being cooked up by Danzi in a bid to fix her for not giving her money.
The case goes to court soon. — The story was first published in our sister paper The Manica Post. Abel Zhakata, -source chronicle

Mvurwi sex worker who glassed a client over a boiled egg jailed 30 days after failing to pay US$100 fine for assault


Mvurwi sex worker who glassed a client with a bottle over a boiled egg dispute has been fined US$100 for assault which she failed to pay yesterday (Friday).
It was the state case that the sex worker Chipo (23) assaulted Moses Mushonga (28) on 17 November at Tandarai bar over a boiled egg dispute.
Presiding over the matter Guruve magistrate Antony Sanyatwi fined the hooker US$100 or 30 days in prison.Chipo failed to raise the fine and will spent the  next 30 days behind bars.  by Simbarashe Sithole

Source – Byo24News

Three Shurugwi gold panners, armed with matchetes and spears, murder rival panner


MURDER: In typical murderous criminal Zimbabwean style, three gold panners are facing murder charges after they armed themselves with spears and machetes and attacked a rival gold panner. The victim died on the spot at Shurugwi’s Zvevezeve bar…..more news to follow…..By Sibusiso Ngwenya.

A Zimbabwe Republic Police’s (ZRP) scania truck overturns along the Binga Cross Dete road


ACCIDENT:A Zimbabwe Republic Police’s (ZRP)  scania truck overturned along the Binga Cross Dete road on Wednesday resulting in the death of three police officers and five injured passengers. Speeding is allegedly caused the accident…..more news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya. photo-bulawayo24

Chiwenga, to be granted special powers when he assumes the office of VP of Zimbabwe soon, to help his imminent boss, VP Mnangagwa


COLOGNE – Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF) Commander, General Constantino Guveya Chiwenga, is set to be granted special powers when he assumes the office of Vice President of Zimbabwe any day from now, to help his imminent boss, VP Emmerson Mnangagwa, all but about to become the second republic leader to stabilise the political and economic situation in the country ahead of the 2018 presidential and parliamentary elections, Spotlight Zimbabwe reported.
The disclosures come at a time when there is growing social unrest and discontent, characterised by street protests and demonstrations by rights activists, as political analysts are warning that Harare risks becoming a failed regime, due to the country’s multiple social and economic woes bedeviling the populace.

Also President Robert Mugabe’s exit from office, might trigger stratospheric political chaos and civil disorder, breeding fears of anarchy as people are “going to be tempted to test the powers” of any incoming regime after Mugabe, government insiders said yesterday.

According to a current serving cabinet minister, with knowledge about the behind the scenes developments, Chiwenga is going to be vested with more responsibilities to manage, the security element of the new government, whose tenure is expected to be shortlived.

Opponents opposed to Mnangagwa taking over the presidency, have raised alarm that his administration if it comes to power, will give birth to a securocrat state. A securocratic state is one in which the military-security apparatus is a dominant factor in the power complex that is the state.

“Traditionally vice presidents in our country are largely ceremonial,” said the minister this week. “They do not have well defined powers other than assisting the President. However as an incoming first vice president, the General (Chiwenga) is going to have special powers in government directed at managing security ministries, therefore he shall enjoy symbolic executive power, as determined by the new president.”

Zimbabwe’s main security ministries, include defence, home affairs and state security. Ministers Sydney Sekeramayi, Ignatius Chombo and Kembo Mohadi lead the crucial portfolios respectively.

The minister said Chiwenga will not find it difficult to deliver, as he has been a key member of the Joint Operations Command (JOC) for many years.

JOC is a shadowy quasi military organ, bringing together the country’s military-security complex which includes the army, and its military intelligence wing and Presidential Guard, Air Force, police, prisons and the Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO) to manage homeland security affairs.

Author Robert I. Rotberg in a book titled Failed States, Collapsed States, Weak States: Causes and Indicators says if reforms fail Harare becomes a failed state. “In most failed states, regimes prey on their own constituents. Driven by ethnic or other intercommunal hostility, or by the governing elite’s insecurities, they victimize their own citizens or some subset of the whole that is regarded as hostile. As in Mobutu Sese Seko’s Zaire or the Taliban’s Afghanistan, ruling cadres increasingly oppress, extort, and harass the majority of their own compatriots while privileging a more narrowly-based party, clan, or sect.”

Spotlight Zimbabwe was the first media publication in the country to break the story of Chiwenga’s pending shock elevation to be first vice president on 18 March 2016.

Zimbabwe has never had a vice president, taking over from an incumbent leader since Independence from Britain in 1980. Closer to us across the Limpopo, Thabo Mbeki, then vice president during Nelson Mandela’s reign managed to succeed him in 1999, as promotion to his appointment as deputy president in 1994.

Former VP Joice Mujuru appointed into office in 2004, was within a whisker of succeeding Mugabe but was unceremoniously kicked out of power in 2014. by Itai Mushekwe Source – spotlight

People’s Democratic Party (PDP) appoints its Ambassadors



People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has appointed the following distinguished individuals as Ambassadors 🙂
Appointed PDP Ambassadors

1. Sikhumbuzo Ndiweni (security and development)-Sadc

2. Brightmore Kunaka (lawyer)- EU

3. Patience Chipadza (media and communication)-Germany

4. Mqondobanzi Magonya ( finance and business law)-UK/Ireland

5. Sheunesu Hove (Human rights Activist)-Australia/New Zealand

6. Sithambelumthetho Ngwenya ( Lawyer)- Lawyer

Source-Fortune N. Mlalazi  PDP

13 to 17 December 2016 , for the 16th Zanu-PF annual National People’s Conference


13 to 17 December 2016 , for the 16th Zanu-PF annual National People’s Conference to be held in Masvingo, Showgrounds By Sibusiso Ngwenya.
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FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has claimed President Robert Mugabe is aware of the circumstances leading to the death of her husband,

VP-Joice-Mujuru-and-late-Husband-Solomon-Mujuru-590 (2)
FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has claimed President

FORMER Vice-President Joice Mujuru has claimed President Robert Mugabe is aware of the circumstances leading to the death of her husband, Solomon, in an inferno that continues to confound the nation five years after the country’s first black army commander died.
Former Vice-President Joice Mujuru who now leads the opposition Zimbabwe People First (ZimPF), has alleged that President Robert Mugabe owes her an explanation over the death of her ex husband the Retired General Solomon Mujuru whose burnt out remains were recovered from his Ruzambo Farm in Beatrice on August 15, 2011,
The Mujuru family openly disputed, the findings of an inquiry into Mujuru’s death as the inquest ruled out foul play. This is the first time that she has openly levelled a finger of accusation towards her former boss, President Robert Mugabe…..DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Zimbabwe’s Acting Prosecutor General, orders the arrest of Professor Jonathan Moyo



The Acting Prosecutor General Advocate Ray Goba is keen to expedite the arrest of the accused Minister of Tertiary and Higher Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo.

Advocate Ray Goba, has gone ahead and directed the Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri to swiftly complete all the relevant paperwork relating to Professor Jonathan Moyo so he can be hauled to court to answer charges of corruption, money laundering and abusing approximately US$500 000 of Zimbabwe Development Fund (Zimdef).

The Acting Prosecutor General is convinced that there is a strong case against the Professorand he should be charged with defeating the course of justice through his c public conduct and utterances which are allegedly adequate testimony of his guilt. In a matter of public interest, the Acting Prosecutor General therefore has directed that within 48 hours of issuing his directive on the Police Commissioner General, the police crime docket relating to Professor Moyo should be completed as Jonathan Moyo and his subordinates are guilty.

This could be a breakthrough that the nation needs as it will force Jonathan Moyo, into defensive mode to divulge all the corruption by Zanu PF stalwarts, Securocrats and senior government officials including the president himself. Remember Jonathan Moyo is not a people’s favourite, being the man behind the draconian AIPPA and POSA which together destroyed independant media, led to the torture and arrests of journalists and forced many journalists into exile, while sealing off the ruraral areas from opposition and activists access for campaigns.

Jonathan Moyo, is also the man behind the Zanu pf ‘NIKUV’ manifesto for 31st July 2013. At a time when Mugabe was teetering on leaving office and Zanu pf losing the election as Democrats were set to take over, Jonathan Moyo swiftly changed that by breathing life into a dying out Zanu PF regime. Today, Zimbabwe is on its knees due to a collapsed economy, collapsed agriculture, massive corruption, no Service Delivery in Housing, Education, Employment, transports and other key areas all stemming from Jonathan Moyo’s misguided allegiance to his master, President Robert Mugabe, who unfortunately this time seems unable to stop the empire from collapsing on top of Jonathan Moyo,…sit back and enjoy the free show,..DISCUSS! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

Land to the indigenous people of Zimbabwe, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever!
Land to the indigenous people, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever is the most appropriate way of reclaiming what belongs to the for the people.
In 2000, landless Zimbabweans began to receive land under the country’s chaotic fast- track land reforms of the year 2000 .
However because of the chaotic implementation of land reform by Mugabe’s Zanu pf, in which white commercial farms were violently grabbed from their white owners, redistributed to the people including multiple farms to Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats, the nation has been brought down to its knees.
Zimbabwe is a nation that was once envied as the ‘Bread basket of Africa’, feeding the whole continent, yet now its just a shadow of its former glory and a ‘Basket case’ for charity, having to import food and agricultural inputs from neighbouring nations in the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) region just to get by,
According to the former Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) president, now the Movement of Democratic Change (MDC T) president Richard Morgan Tsvangirai, the nation’s once beautiful agriculture, which before the chaotic Zanu pf land reform exercice, was the back bone of the economy, actually contributed at least 30 percent of Zimbabwe’s Gross domestic product (GDP) yet now this has been shredded down to a much less than five percent of GDP.
The MDC T leader Richard Morgan Tsvangirai strongly believes that the despot president Robert Gabriel Mugabe and his Zanu-PF stalwarts heavily contributed to the current entropy across Zimbabwe as they destroyed the Agricultural sector and by default, the nation’s economy in a bid to maintain their monopoly over wealth and power.
Morgan Tsvangirai, a man who does not own a farm at all , has vowed that if he comes into power, he will address the chaotic Zanu pf regime land reforms, basing his argument on a simple and straight forward land ownership policy of one person one farm to those in need and capable of productively utilising the land.
The ‘DISCERNING EYE, newzimbabwevision’ says there is a need to assure the nation that land to the indigenous people of Zimbabwe, was a correct initiative by the despot president Robert Mugabe . Chaos and entropy only filtered in because of the violent, racist and murderous nature in which the Zanu pf war veteran led land grabbing exercise was conducted,
This chaos led to many Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats gaining multiple farm ownership, an anomaly which can easily be addressed by a government in power with the financial and political will to resolve the crisis.
In 2018, we all hope that Mugabe and his Zanu pf will fall permanantly off the political radar and that the new government in power will swiftly implement a credible land audit nationwide and take back any extra farms in the hands of Mugabe, his Zim1 family and stalwarts, for redistribution to landless people of Zimbabwe irrespective of gender, race, colour, tribe , religion or creed.
Mugabe must be included in the audit as its widely alleged that
president Robert Mugabe has seven farms even though its well known that Mugabe is the power behind the propaganda, labelling Tsvangirai as a sell out who intends to reverse land reforms and hand over farms back to their former white owners.
Tsvangirai, has however assured the nation that MDC T will not reverse the land reform exercise, even stating that Whites know they need to share land , which is adequate for all people of Zimbabwe.
I will always say , no one whether black or white, Zimbabwean or other nation must ever fall under the illusion that Mugabe was wrong in taking back land from the white commercial farmers. We all correctly frown upon the chaotic, violent, murderous manner in which the exercise was implemented but the policy of ‘LAND TO THE INDIGENOUS PEOPLE’ was , is and will always be right and any government that seeks to reverse this, is actually against the people and openly pushing for war.
When it comes to Agriculture, Im well informed in this sector, going as far back as the 1890’s when the British coloniser Cecil John Rhodes and his fire power, forcibly removed blacks or indigenous Zimbabweans from fertile land and pushed them off to infertile, low raifall, overpopulated communal areas. The people of Zimbabwe lost their land to settlers, who shared vast tracts of valuable, fertile land which became the white owned commercial farms.
The indigenous people became landless, homeless and were simply reduced to farm labourers for the colonisers. White commercial farmers, built up multimillion dollar farming empires because they now had security in the form of land or farms, with title deeds while the indigenous people o Zimbabwe who were reduced to nothing were now crowded on infertile communal land, remember communal land has no title deeds.
The indigenous people of Zimbabwe lost the battle right from land ownership / title deeds as black from communal farming land could walk into a bank or funder seeking financial support, equipment and machinery such as irrigation equipment, combine harvesters, tractors, trucks, trailers, ploughs, pipes, farming insurance coverage in the event of poor weather such as low rainfall, pests attack and other farming disasters, yet whites could do this with. farm title deeds and offer security for any loans, while blacks could not.
The tile deeds were attained through violently and forcibly evicting blacks from land which belonged to them, which they rightfully owned at the height of colonisation, forcing them into destitution, therefore, while we do not condone vengeance or violence, we all stand behind President Robert Mugabe’s policy of land and resources to the people of Zimbabwe! Whichever opposition steps in after Mugabe, can never reverse this progressive long awaited, painful but necessary correction of past injustices.
I say so because after completing A’ level chemistry, biology and maths, I chose to do BSc Agriculture at the University of Zimbabwe from 1991 to 1993 because farming was a lucrative destination. After completing my first degree in BSc Agriculture majoring in economics and extension, I joined the the Agricultural and Technical Extension Services (AGRITEX).
From 1994 to 1996 I was head of the Training , Mass media and Extension department and because Im fluent in both Shona and Ndebele, I was free to relocate to Mhlahlandlela in Bulawayo. The job entailed translating writing, editing and publishing, pamphlets, booklets, posters and training materials for farmers and staff nationwide.
I travelled weekly, far and wide across remote farming areas in Zimbabwe, recording farming programmes and weekly had to record radio programmes at the ZBC Montrose studios for airing on ZBC channels. As head of Agricultural and Technical Extension Services (AGRITEX) Training , Mass media and Extension department, I was in charge of 7 radio programmes,1) Nhau Dzevarimi, 2) Tinokushevedzai varimi, 3) Kuchengetedzwa kwezvipfuwo 4) Izindaba zabalimi, 5) Sibiza abalimi, 6) Ukugcinwa kwezifuyo , and 7) Agritex Farm Diary. The radio programmes were aired weekly on ZBC radio, 1/2/ and 4. I therefore have extensive knowledge in farming and the issues surrounding the chaotic land reform programmes , all stemming from my academic and professional back ground and and confidently state all I have said on that basis as my involvement in this area, far exceeded a normal Zimbabwean’s exposure in agriculture.
By 1996 it was evident where the farming sector was headed to and I felt, I still had plenty to say about the issue so, I joined an NGO Popular Education Collective (PEC) as the Head of the Outreach Department. In this area I was heavily involved in translating writing, editing and publishing, pamphlets, booklets, posters and training materials for grassroots community groups across Zimbabwe’s rural areas and this again allowed me to travel far and wide and reach out to remote communities.
The job also included business management training of the target groups, and creation of Tin Trunk libraries at the community groups. Tin Trunk libraries were loaded with materials we published based on common grassroots views drawn from across the nation and this is why today I’m comfortable in using my knowledge and experience to develop the ‘DISCERNING EYE, newzimbabwevision’
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In conclusion I will say, an oppressed soul heals with time but the challenge is to silence the oppressed mind. Land to the indigenous people, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever. The people’s silence will ultimately resonate in a united voice that is strongly opposed to oppression, readily challenge authority and fearlessly lobby for changes that create a better future for our children and descendants, coloured, black, white, any race, tribe, religion or political orientation.
I will always fight for justice, equal opportunities, peace, democracy and prosperity for all, thereby establishing a legacy whose benefits will live beyond generations to follow.
It is foolish of any one  not Zimbabwean,to claim that whites were feeding black Zimbabweans. Truth be told, the land belonged to the indigenous black people, who were forcibly evicted in a violent murderous white settler campaign of guns against spears in the 1890s by the white settler column led by Cecil John Rhodes.
Descendants of the same blacks were the people working the commercial farming land for the white masters. It is not that Blacks cannot farm or feed themselves, but simply that they were forced onto crowded poor land , low rainfall, infertile communal lands by the racist  white colonisers and so, after the chaotic land grabbing of white commercial farms, everything came to a halt as banks and sources of funding were not ready to finance any of the black farming activities because of ownership issues arising from lack of title deeds.
People worldwide must stop this falsehood that Blacks were  being fed by whites because the Blacks could not farm.  Blacks have great farming knowledge, skills and experience but no source of funding because of lack of security, the most basic being the issue of rightful ownership of the land they now possess, admittedly formerly owned by white commercial farmers but rightfully belonging to the Blacks and indigenous people. The ‘DISCERNING EYE, newzimbabwevision’ says on land and resources to the indigenous people of Zimbabwe, president Robert Mugabe was right,  Land to the indigenous people, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever! ….DISCUSS!  By Sibusiso Ngwenya
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