After A Dismal Address, ‘Repatriation Of 1896 Skulls From UK’ Won’t Revive Economy… Ha Ha!

Zimbabwe is a country who economy was agriculturally based  and quite successful, being the bread basket of Africa, feeding a whole continent until the year 2000.

2000 was precisely the point at which Mugabe’s, murderous Zanu PF  racist policies, forced out white commercial farmers, instantly collapsing the system and bringing Zimbabwe down on its knees as the nation soon became a basket case for charity.

The Southern African region is predicted to hold  in the region of a total of 27 million people facing food insecurity  due to droughts, inadequate farming methods and political and economic instability that is ravaging the continent.

Unsurprisingly so,  Zimbabwe’s  President Mugabe delivered a dismal State of the nation address to parliarment yesterday, which is not worth giving a second look apart from redirecting to the nearest paper shredder  and recycling point.

Mugabe  was unfazzed by the heckling, laughter and booing from the opposition MPs camp in parliarment and seemed totally oblivious of the collapse of the economy, the people’s Zanu PF sponsored suffering  and the obvious fact that Zanu PF have lost all hope of ever reving the collapsed economy.

After the failed Chinhoyi rock diesel scam that saw a Mugabe Zanu PF regime legislators vehicle motorcade dash, a few years back at midnight to prance around a Chinhoyi cave, barefoot in the hope that diesel would suddenly flow from the rocks, Mugabe has now shifted his focus to the UK.

Mugabe claims that British museums are in possession of some first Chimurenga heroes and heroines skulls. These long dead individuals of no significance in this day and age, were hanged around  ‘1896’.

Mugabe second Chimurenga liberation struggle which he has always forced down the throats of gullible Zimbabweans, has long lost relevance in the face of the people’s suffering and he is now shifting from his liberation struggle mantra to the first Chimurenga skulls, as a diversionary tactic.

The electorate,  were promised 2million jobs in Mugabe’s infamous  Zanu PF  NIKUV campaign manifesto of 2013′  and unsurprisingly so, the corrupt, clueless Zanu PF  regime has successfully managed to make that very number of jobless Zimbabweans, create no jobs, and force millions into destitution.

Now more than any other time in the history of Mugabe’s 35 year autocratic rule, would be suitable for the nation, black, coloured, white, any tribe, religion, political orientation including disillusioned Zanu PF, to rise up in ultimate defiance to oppressive authority by this Mugabe’s ‘Black oppressors of Blacks  camp’ and free our people from the suffering, not for ourselves but for the future of  all our children and descendants as there is no conceivable hope of anything progressive coming from this regime of the ‘walking dead’ .

Suffice it is to say that, there can never be any good derived from regularly checking if a dead horse is finally breathing,, its dead, absolutely no point! by Sibusiso Ngwenya

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