Arise Zimbabwe, Only, We The People, Can Bring Change To Zimbabwe, Through ‘PEOPLE POWER!-

SOLDIERS GET PAID FIRST:- We, the people of Zimbabwe, can bring change through ‘PEOPLE POWER!
Over and above this preferential treatment of Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) the ZNA Top Brass have asked Zimbabwe’s Banks to provide wage payment facilities for the soldiers at Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) barracks so that they can privately withdraw cash without limits and the prying eyes of the angry Zimbabwe public.
It is interesting to note that the Zimbabwe government is keen to avert a military uprising by the army by giving them preferential treatment but banks have flatly refused to be party to this scam to hoodwink the public.
The Zimbabwean public realised that Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime is no different from the racist, white Ian Smith Rhodesian government as it dug deep into Rhodesian statutes to place a ban on imports.
Of course to the ‘Discerning Eye newzimbabwevision’ Mugabe and his Zanu PF who have continuously looted national wealth and resources, and amassed filthy amounts of criminally gained wealth, were now attempting to block supplies and force the public to buy from Zanu PF established businesses at extortionate prices, case in point, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko’s Choppies Supermarket chain..
Finally the government is sitting up at attention and listening to the people of Zimbabwe who are now reclaiming ownership of the motherland Zimbabwe. Angry Zimbabweans yesterday protested in Beitbridge against the ban on imports, while other protesters burnt down the Zimra Beitbridge warehouse and the Beitbridge border post was sealed off as, thousands of Zimbabwean and foreign business people including Ethiopians and Asians walked the 12 km distance from Musina to the border in an attempt to cross into Zimbabwe in protest against the ban on imports.
Zimbabweans have realised that all along, the ‘Black Oppressor of Blacks’, Mugabe the ‘US$15 billion’ thief, and his Zanu PF were simply looting wealth under the guise of ‘Indeginisation and Black empowerment’.
This to the ‘Discerning Eye newzimbabwevision’ is an epitome of ‘legalised crime’ by Mugabe and his Zanu PF.
The government’s sudden reversal of the ban on imports is proof that, we the people are the rightful owners of the motherland Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe does not belong to Mugabe, Zim1 family, Zanu PF stalwarts and securocrats.
‘PEOPLE POWER’ can certainly bring change. The protests were not led by the opposition forces but by people’s unity and mass resistance to continued suffering. People have finally awoken to the fact that opposition forces are not keen on removing Mugabe and his Zanu PF but rather focus on internal and intra party battles that keep them well divided.
It is obvious that politics in Zimbabwe is simply about placing a foot on the looting ladder and earning a luxurious living irrespective of whether Mugabe goes or not. To the ‘Discerning Eye newzimbabwevision’ this is the clearest indication that Zimbabwe is not a Gushungo household, Zanu PF, MDC T, MDC, Mavambo Kusile Dawn  , People’s Democratic Party, entity but rather, the crisis before us is bigger than any opposition or party leader.The moral of the lesson, is clear, ..’UNITY’ under an umbrella independant of the tarnished opposition names, is the best way to liberate Zimbabwe from the lawless, oppressive despot Mugabe, Zanu PF stalwarts , Zim 1 family and securocrats.
The Government of National Unity, (GNU) Minister Of Finance, then MDC T, Tendai Biti , now the leader of the opposition People’s Democratic Party (PDP), recently warned that opposition forces will not be able to institute any ‘Electoral Reforms’ for the 2018 ballot. It is clear to us all that we the people, make up opposition or ruling party numbers. We, the people of Zimbabwe, can bring change through ‘PEOPLE POWER!’
We all know that Mugabe, Zanu PF stalwarts , Zim 1 family and securocrats have not come this far just to hand over Zimbabwe to the people on a silver platter in 2018. They will fight tooth and nail to hold onto power in the 2018 general election.
Wake up Zimbabwe’ Strike,while the iron is hot, because we the people of Zimbabwe, can bring real change through ‘PEOPLE POWER! This is bigger that any ruling party, leader, opposition party or  leader. It is about the 90% unemployment, the collapsed Service Delivery in Health care, Education, Transport, Electricity, Clean water supplies, the suffering and destitution enforced by Mugabe, Zim 1family, Zanu Pf stalwarts and securocrats, the future of our children and descendants.
It is not up to the next person to act. We all need to play our part in defying oppressive authority.We can no longer afford to sit back and watch as our country is run aground by these heartless Zanu PF criminals who are only in this for self enrichment. Wake up Zimbabwe,…’PEOPLE POWER Now! By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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