‘Biti Apologises For GNU Collective Idiocy & For Letting Zimbabwe Down During , GNU’

Tendai Biti once again admit and apologize to the nation for letting the nation down during the GNU by failing to get even one democratic reform implemented in five years.

“We feared failing you. We could not sleep afraid of embarrassing ourselves,” said Tendai Biti at the inaugural congress of the People Democratic Party (PDP). The name MDC Renewal has been ditched for the new name PDP. 

”We have been disappointed by our own collective idiocy. You saw our nakedness in the GNU. For this I would like to apologise,’ he said.

Yes Tendai Biti, the whole world saw your “nak*dness” in selling out the nation for thirty pieces of silver but if you think the nation is going to trust you ever again then you better think again.

You and your fellow MDC leaders accepted President Mugabe’s bribe of the gravy train lifestyle in return you kicked implementing the democratic reforms into the tall grass. This was not a mistake which people can understand and thus forgive. This was a deliberate and calculated move motivated by selfish greed. Tsvangirai still has the $4 million mansion and the rest of you still drive the ministerial limos, have farms and all the other material benefits from the generous salary and allowances of the GNU years. You guys sold-out!

Whilst it is right and proper that you should acknowledge and apologize to the nation for MDC leaders’ “collective idiocy” but because this was not a mistake but rather a deliberate treasonous act of betrayal an apology is not even the half of it. You lot must on mass resign from public life for good; should have done so the day after the rigged 31 July 2013 elections.

The very fact that you guys are now seeking to be elected back into office shows that you have completely failed to comprehend the seriousness of your collective idiocy! It would be national folly for the people of Zimbabwe to ever entrust you lot with destiny of this great nation ever again, not after your callous and brutal betrayal during the GNU!

You MDC leaders sold-out during the GNU, you can call this callous treasonous act “collective idiocy” if you wish, but what really matters here is that the nation learn from this never to elect corrupt and incompetent people into positions of power and authority, especially those known to village idiots!
Source – Patrick Guramatunhu

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