BUS accident, 45 dead in South Africa, 8 year old survives.

BUS ACCIDENT-45 dead and an 8 year old is the only surviver after bus plunges off bridge into ravine in South  Africa.

A bus travelling from Botswana to Moria in North South Africa plunged into a ravine. On Thursday,  the bus was carrying 46 people when the driver lost control and and crashed into barriers on the bridge before plunging  into a ravine below and catching fire, killing 45 passengers, with only one passenger surviving. The survivor is an 8 year old girl who was seriously injured and hospitalised. The passengers who died in Limpopo province are mainly Easter worshipers who were on their way to Moria. South Africa has one of the best road networks in Africa but at the same time has one of the worst road accidents toll. More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya .

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