‘Coltart’s Revelations About MDCT Bandits Training, Risk Reversing Gains Of The Democratic Process’-MDC-T

AN MDC-T official Promise NMkhwananzi has said claims made by MDC senior official and former Education Minister David Coltart in his book are a serious reverse of the gains of the democratic process which were instigated by the opposition party.

Coltart claimed in his book that MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai trained bandits in Botswana which has been vehemently denied by the opposition party.

“David Coltart’s book makes false, reckless revelations that have potential to derail and destabilise the democratic movement at it’s most critical phase. I don’t even know what the aim is,” said Mkhwananzi.

“Some of the things might cause hardliners to dig in, thus make spirited efforts to reverse some of the democratic gains and autonomy zones retained thus far. We must lower the transactional costs of reform minded elements within the state and increase incentives for democratisation.”

He said secondly, Coltart provides the regime with ammunition to pounce on the key actors of the democratic movement with grave consequences to the progress made to date. Jonathan Moyo’s support always comes at a prize.

“Has Coltart wittingly or unwittingly walked into the spider web?” he asked.

Lastly and important Coltart is a subjective actor as evidenced by his taking of sides during the 2005 split. It is sad but unsurprising that he refers to Tonderai Ndira as a “thug”. I wonder whether in doing so Coltart fully reflected and understood both the import and effect of his actions, intended and/or unintended. For example is Coltart implying that Zanu PF was justified in the way it treated Ndira?┬áby Stephen Jakes

– Source-bulawayo24

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