‘Consider erecting toll gates in cities so rich urbanites can contribute to road development’- Saviour Kasukuwere


Major urban centres have been urged to consider erecting toll gates as majority of rich urbanites were not contributing to development of road infrastructure.

Former Transport minister Obert Mpofu first made the suggestion igniting heated debates.

However, Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister, Saviour Kasukuwere is now reignited the issue.

“The influx of imported second hand vehicles has seen an unprecedented increase in volume of traffic on our roads resulting in road carnage and traffic jams,” he said.”This sector strongly requires game changing strategies like tolling of urbanites so that we improve intra-city road networks so we attend to potholes.

“For Harare and Bulawayo, why not consider toll fees as a revenue source? Let’s look at the number of vehicles that never leave the city and will never pass through a toll gate. If they can be tolled would we not be able to get enough revenue for development?” said Kasukuwere.

In June this year, Zinara said it had raised $180 million since the tolling system was introduced six years ago.

Light vehicles, mini-buses, long chassis buses and haulage trucks pay $2, $3, $4 and $10 respectively when passing each tollgate.

Under the Statutory Instrument, those with light motor vehicles and live within a 10 km radius from a toll gate will pay $10 in monthly toll fees. source-bulawayo24

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