DOCTOR (49) married two months fleeced of US $100,000 never lived together-Love/Zim Con?

DOCTOR (49) married two months fleeced of US $100,000 never lived together,-LOVE/ ZIM CON? says this woman probably deserves a professorship for conning the doctor. People must learn that money cant buy love,..Im just saying! A Harare medical doctor’s wife, who was dragged to court by her husband of two months, was convicted yesterday but fled from court before sentence.

Christina Hamilton was convicted by Harare regional magistrate Francis Mapfumo after a full trial and she was set to be sentenced at 2pm.

Hamilton fled during lunch and when her lawyer was asked where his client was, he told the court that he had been informed by Hamilton’s father that she had fallen ill but he could not tell which hospital had admitted her.

Hamilton was caught on camera by H-Metro leaving court, speaking on the phone while in tears.

Hamilton was hauled to court after she stole over $100 000 from her husband Dr Alexander Tarasana Guni to whom she was married to for two months although they never stayed together.

Guni, 49, is a director and shareholder at Chrylex Medical Investments trading as Children’s Clinic.

The State, led by Idah Maromo, proved its case beyond reasonable doubt that on August 1, 2014, Chrylex purchased a Range Rover from Zimbabwe Car Sales which was registered in the name of Knight Frank.

When the two went on honeymoon in America on August 16, Hamilton fraudulently changed ownership of the vehicle into her name.

On September 20 that year, Hamiton approached Silvia Chibisa who was a receptionist at Guni’s firm and asked for keys to the surgery, saying she wanted to take something and when she got in, she stole a safe cabinet that had $400 000.

When Dr Guni discovered that the safe was missing, he knew that Hamilton was the one who had stolen it as she was the only one who had gained entry into his office that weekend and when he engaged the police, Hamilton led him to where the money was.

Hamiton also stole $2 600 from the company’s cash box and a further $48 000 which she spent on unauthorized business expenses.

Hamiton also made cash withdrawals from the company’s Stanbic Bank account between July and August 2014.

In October 2014, Guni discovered that his personal and children’s particulars were missing from his office and in December that same year, his friend, Mzipah Bore called, advising him that Property Height Estates had found his particulars at a flat that had been vacated by his wife without notice.

During trial, Dr Guni testified graphic details of their honeymoon saying that they had sex a few times and whenever he tried to penetrate her she would scream saying she was still too young for it.

He also told the court after paying lobola in full and going for a honeymoon abroad, she refused to move in with him and stayed in an apartment that he paid for. Source – hmetro

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