Foreign Support To Any Zanu Pf Factions Is Tantamount To Financing Anarchy & Civil Strife

Guilty by Complicity PDP would like to express its concern over the reptilian tendencies of some of the western countries towards Robert Mugabe and his associates in Zanu pf.

Some of these western countries have allowed themselves to be fooled and stupefied by Patrick Chinamasa who goes around preaching a reform agenda while his colleagues in government and party continue to violate democratic values as typified by the recent demolitions of houses in Harare, recent abduction of PDP Matabeleland South provincial secretary for security Elliot Shelton and the continued disappearance of Itai Dzamara, let alone state violence perpetrated against war veterans last week.

Since Chinamasa’s meeting with bilateral and multilateral creditors together with international financial institutions in Lima towards the end of last year, some western countries have been mellowing to Zanu pf’s propaganda. Consequently promises of bailing out of zanu pf led government have been pledged while some secret business and commercial deals have been forged outside the normal government decision making system.

One would have expected these kinds of deals to be sealed with tyrannical governments of North Korea, Iran and China but not with democracies. For now we will not name and shame the culprits who have secretly and handsomely contributed to the Zanu pf congress in December 2015 as well as to the forthcoming 21st February Movement celebrating Robert Mugabe who is currently at his advanced vegetative stage.

We hope these countries will soon realise that by supporting any of the factions, fractions and fragments of zanu pf, they are essentially financing anarchy and civil strife in Zimbabwe. PDP would like to remind some of these countries that Mugabe presided over the worst human carnage ever to be experienced in Zimbabwe.

He murdered approximately 20 000 innocent lives under the watch of the western world in the 1980s in what is infamously known as Midlands/Matabeleland Holocaust or Gukurahundi. In fact, the west never raised a finger when Mugabe set his Gukurahundi dogs to kill, maim and rape women, children and the elderly with impunity.

At the time Mugabe served the interests of the west. Apparently the lives of the people were dispensable and killable on the alter of business and commercial interests of neoliberal policies. As long as Mugabe served the western interests against soviets, his Gukurahundi policy did not matter. Economy was more important than humanity. Today, history is repeating itself. Some western countries feel that there are losing business to China in Zimbabwe by insisting on democracy. Their belief is that they should embrace a faction of zanu pf that is likely to succeed Mugabe.

In this way, some western countries sing the hallelluyah chorus to democracy during the day while shouting crucify it during the night simply to gain economic favours at the expense of the suffering bare lives of Zimbabweans. The spectre of Double Speak has visited Zimbabwe once again. The world is hereby reminded that Mugabe has a Hitler inside him. Hitler is his demon. If he rails against this demon, he will be inconsistent to his DNA.

Its too late for Mugabe to reform zanu pf just as it is too late for Satan to be forgiven and return to heaven. Zanu pf will never reform whether under Grace Mugabe or under Mnangagwa or under any of its fractions. AU, Sadc, UN, EU and the west in general are being asked once again today by PDP just like Zapu did in the 1980s, to stand with the suffering peoples of Zimbabwe as they navigate their way out of the murky waters of the imperial presidency of Robert Mugabe.

The only reasonable solution is for Mugabe to resign and allow a National Transitional Authority to be established with a sole mandate of preparing for true democratic elections. Those western countries that are clanderstinely bankrolling factions and fractions of zanu pf are urged to revise their disasterous policies and shun Mugabe and his lieutenants in Zanu pf. Dr Gorden Moyo PDP Sec General

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