GLOBAL ISSUES that need everyone’s undivided attention as we fight to save the planet for all our children and descendants.

GLOBAL ISSUES that need everyone’s undivided attention as we fight to save the planet for the future of all our children and descendants.
As an expression of gratitude to the overwhelming support from people across the open to all public media platforms, the main group zimbabwe news 4us zimbabweanswhich will in a few hours today reach 200,000 members, we call upon all people to take a momemnt to think about tomorrow, our children and decsendants of all race, colour, age, religion, tribe, creed, gender and other classification.
The most important issues we all need to unite on, are global issues that directly affect the ordinary people and by default all our children and the future for everyone. says, it is fair to say that issues such as climate change, plastic pollution, renewable fuel and energy, technology, food and agriculture, clean water, sewer reticulation, employment, housing, girl child, electricity, roads, transport, housing, education, peace and stability, democracy, freedom, equality, health ,poverty, transaparency, good governance, democracy and a whole host of other critical matters, if addressed now, will lead to a happier, settled people, less people in poverty and more consumers.
This is equally good for both business and government policy programs that in essence create viable employment, stable investments due to national security peace and stability amongst the ordinary people. It’s therefore in everyone’s economic interest for business to grow and by default address poverty through government policy and investments both local and overseas on the understanding that this is a good return on investment.
This can include improving the lives for millions of ordinary people when Aid investments and projects are carefully managed and rolled out to those most in need.When roads, rails, bridges and infrastructure are developed, it has a massive positive impact on local companies who can step in with products, expertise and other support, while at the same time also generating employment for locals in target communities and at the same time grow tourism.
When the people unite and press their governments for accountability, peace and stability, democracy, Respect for the Rule of Law and Human rights along with good governance and put in place the right governance structures to attract investments, each nation is guaranteed of educing global poverty. gives a great thank you to all for your continued support through reading and contributions to our media platforms as we work together to build a better future for all our children, all tribes, race, gender, religion, creed, political orientation and other classification, because the planet belongs to everyone, and most importantly all our children and future descendants. We all have a responsibility to tackle these issues now, so that our children will not look back at history and say, that is the generation that destroyed the planet. We encourage you to freely wade into the respectful debates which are welcoming to everyone and ask that we maintain English for the benefit of all our children and extended families across the globe. The issues are global matters, so, there is no excuse for avoiding being a part of the solutions through your contributions. Join us and freely add friends and families worldwide on all www, media platforms Today, in a few hours due mainly to the unprecedented growth of our zimbabwe news4us zimbabweans group of an average of 1000 or more people a day, we are set to reach 200,000 and continue the unstoppable growth. I thank you. Sibusiso Ngwenya
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