Grace Claims Zimbabweans Will Miss Mugabe When He Is Gone,..Nonsense He Is Finished!

In December 2014 at the annual Zanu PF December Conference Grace Mugabe ruthlessly savaged Zanu PF stalwarts, many of whom fell including the Vice president Joice Mujuru with the ‘mighty and invincible Gushungo household showcasing their prowess’

This wasnt to last long though as we soon heard the president chanting ‘Pasi ne Zanu PF-Down with Zanu PF’ a typical sign of a man who is now at an advanced age.

This deterioration is clearly noted when we see that Mugabe can no longer deliver his long ranting and raving speeches without referring to or sticking to a written speech as he easily loses focus and memory of what he has been talking about thus effectively rambling on incoherently.

A day ago he officiated at the funeral of the late Bulawayo High Court Judge, and war veteran Justice Andrew Mutema, at which the 91 year old despot Robert Mugabe was visibly struggling to walk, pausing frequently, every few seconds, while helped up and down the short flight of podius stairs by his 50 year old wife, the First lady Grace Mugabe.

Mugabe was typically struggling to breathe and then delivered a prepared speech to avoid public embarassment.To the discerning eye these are the closing chapters of the long road to freedom for the people of Zimbabwe as we now face an uncertain yet guaranteed grand finale’, which will certainly be marked with great pomp and ceremony both locally and globally.

grace recently announced that the people of Zimbabwe will miss Mugabe when he is gone and that they dont know how much he has selflessly sacrificed all for a better future for Zimbabweans.

This of course is all hogwash by a 50 year old wife of a 91year old despot who knows, that while possible, it will be a great feat for the despot leader to continue to oppress people for another 9 years or literally until he turns 100 year, assuming he lives to that age.

She is aware that her dream of succeeding Mugabe as Zimbabwe’s president is nothing but just that,..a dream which will never materialise whether Mugabe is alive or dead! Obviously with the real and pending scenario of life beyond Mugabe, Grace Mugabe  is now desperately trying to align herself with those Zanu PF stalwarts in influential positions particularly the ruthless security organisations such as Central Intelligence Organisation (CIO), the Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA), the Zimbabwe Republic Police Force (ZRP), with the hope of protecting the filthy rich Zim 1 family proceeds of the people’s stolen wealth as she knows it wont be long before we have a filthy rich over 50 widow in Zimbabwe.

At his age, his frequent loss of balance, memory and now breath leaves one wondering what other bodily functions, a regularly fast asleep old man sleeping during public meetings  has lost control of, which could easily create a huge public embarrassment if they occur, (whether liquid, solid or air), yet he wants to hold onto power and send out an image of a man in control…..I shall not speak!

Of course we all are aware of the fact that Im talking about him leaving office, but I must hasten to say that even  though the described situation above is pregnant with implication, the world being a free world, it is open to interpretation. Who am I say anything else other than ‘Zimbabwe,..Freedom is on the horizon! The people of zimbabwe don’t know their true power. Power does not lie in the hands of the despot Mugabe or his Zanu PF but in the hands of the people who  continuously bouy up an obviously sinking Mugabe and his Zanu PF ship by returning him to power only to oppress others in a true ‘Black oppressor of Blacks’ Spirit. By Sibusiso Ngwenya. Please share with all your friends, thank you!

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