HARARE AND HIGHWAY BRIDGE DEFECTS:=Simon Mazorodze, Rotten Row and Lyton road, flyover/ overpasses in Harare, have structural faults due to lack of maintenance,

Public health in Harare is at great risk from Simon Mazorodze, Rotten Row and Lyton roads overpasses, which, have been defective since 2006.
Bridge efects include falling concrete including exposed rusty reinforcement steel bars in the beams, which indicates weakened bridge structures according to the Zimbabwe Institute of Engineers (ZIE) president, Engineer Bernard Musarurwa, in a letter to the Office of the President and Cabinet, also copied to Parliament.
Its also pointed out by Engineer Musarurwa that Harare city authorities have been aware of the bridge defects for over a decade, yet no action was ever taken to address the issue.
Previously an inspection report,to theHarare City Council in 2006, proposed more thorough investigations into the structural faults noted on the bridges. Harare city council never implemented the recommendations. Engineer Musarurwa was forced to launch an appeal with the Office of the President and Cabinet.
“This is the case of the flyovers on Simon Mazorodze interchange with Rotten Row, which bridges were inspected in 2006, and serious structural defects were noted and reported upon, yet no action has been taken to date,” said Engineer Musarurwa.
“Unfortunately, this is not the only case needing urgent remedial action. Other bridges on the national highways have also been inspected and reported upon that remedial action was required.”
Pressed on why the Harare City Council has failed to act on the matter, spokesperson Mr Michael Chideme said the structural repairs for the overpasses were a responsibility of the Ministry Transport and Infrastructural Development.
“We are aware of the issue, but the flyovers are the responsibility of the ministry of transport,” said Mr Chideme.Sibusiso Ngwenya. Source – sundaymail
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