‘I’m A Victim Of My Good Looks And Riches’, Claims Philip Chiyangwa

Flamboyant businessman Philip Chiyangwa has claimed that he is a victim of his vast wealth and good looks hence efforts by opponents to block him from standing as ZIFA presidential candidate.

“Look, people tend to look at my looks and the fact that I am rich they reach certain conclusions.

“A combination of looks and riches attracts problems so I am a victim of my good looks and richness. Everybody who has money attracts problems’ said Chiyangwa.

“Even in this Zifa race, some people are saying because Chiyangwa is rich he will buy his way into office. No people know success stories, these councillors are not foolish, they know what I am capable of. Why do people want to preach poverty? If you preach poverty, you will always be poor” he added.

Chiyaanga said once elected he will be in office for two years.
Source: NewsDay


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