‘I’m The Fourth Most Powerful Man In Zanu-PF’- Says The Secretary For Finance, Obert Mpofu

Zanu-PF Secretary for Finance, Obert Mpofu has declared himself fourth in command in Zanu-PF’s hierarchy.The declaration drew an indirect attack from Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday in Jotsholo. Mnangagwa warned ‘wayward’ Zanu-PF officials that they are carrying out presidential assignments that can be withdrawn at
President’s Robert Mugabe’s perogative”. Chronicle reported that Mpofu said he aspire to one day scale up the leadership ladder ‘and reach them”.Said Mpofu : “Zanu-PF is very procedural and regimental‚Ķ we follow procedures.

” We’re lucky to be under President Mugabe’s leadership who is also First Secretary in Zanu-PF. He is assisted by our Second Secretaries VP Mnangagwa and VP Phelekezela Mphoko, then comes the Secretary for Administration, Ignatius
Chombo and myself as the Secretary for Finance I’m the fourth in command.

“This is not a minor achievement being number four in over 14 million people.

“When I’m close to these leaders it makes me think that one day I will reach them,” said Mpofu.¬†Source: chronicle

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