Mugabe furious with Kasukuwere, that stands earmarked for Zanu PF youth were sold to Prophet Walter Magaya


Local Government, Public Works and National Housing Minister Saviour Kasukuwere is in trouble with President Robert Mugabe over clandestine sale of land earmarked for youths housing to Prophet Walter Magaya.

Rape accused Magaya plan to build 20 000 housing units in Harare ,Bulawayo and Mutare.

According to the Herald, Mugabe grilled Kasukuwere before Wednesday politburo session.

“Ko nyaya yevakomana yemastands iri kufamba sei?” (What’s the latest on the residential stands issue) Mugabe asked.”I heard that the stands were sold to Magaya” went on Mugabe.

In defence Kasukuwere said ” responded: “No boss. It’s the creation of the media.

“There is nothing like that. I am the responsible Minister .”

Not convinced, President Mugabe retorted: “No, No, I heard that the land was sold, it was sold to Magaya”.

The land which Mugabe fumed about was earmarked for ZANU-PF youths. by Thobekile Zhou. source-Bulawayo24

photo-online-Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) Ministries founder Walter Magaya

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