‘Mugabe stops Mujuru prosecution because the evidence has dissappeared’

President Robert Mugabe has ordered the state not to prosecute his former deputy, Joice Mujuru, for corruption because the incriminating evidence has disappeared.

During her meet the people national rallies where she was campaigning for the Zanu-PF’s Women’s League post last year his wife Grace accused Mujuru of demanding 10% from foreign investors as a bribe.

She further alleged that the ousted Vice President flouted tender procedures and defied government’s indigenisation policy by importing chickens from Brazil, thereby killing the local market.

Evidence destroyed

Mujuru is said to have duped the ruler of Ras al Khaimah, Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi, of millions of dollars in a botched diamonds deal through Africa Consolidated Resources, a company in which the Mujuru family has interests.

Inside sources said Assistant Commissioner of Police Crispen Makedenge, who was tasked to take over the Mujuru case, was recently ordered to stop investigations after he and Augustine Chihuri the Police Chief allegedly destroyed evidence.

“The latest on this case is that all the investigations and prosecution of Mujuru have been suspended. The directive was given by the President after his intelligence had discovered that all the incriminating evidence was being destroyed by the investigating team,” said the sources.

“This means that if the case goes to court Mujuru will be acquitted and this would expose the President. As we speak Chihuri and Makedenge are being targeted for sabotaging the first family.”
The sources said a new investigating officer was being identified to take over the Mujuru case “because the first family wants her head”.

A number of service chiefs, including Chihuru, are close allies of Mujuru and have since been lined up for the axe. Mujuru has challenged Mugabe to take her to court over the corruption allegations.
Source: thezimbabwean

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