NICK MANGWANA THE Perm Sec has opposed calls by ZANU PF regime MPs to bring back corporal punishment in schools

NICK MANGWANA THE Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information Publicity and Broadcasting Services has opposed calls by the militarised Mnangagwa ZANU PF regime Parliamentarians to revisit the clause banning corporal punishment in schools, arguing “If beating up or torturing adults is inhumane and degrading treatment, how about children?”
“It seems our MPS are advocating for violence against children. They attribute Zimbabwe’s high literacy rate to canning suggesting we were canned until we became literate,” said Mangwana.
Traditionally violent , blood thirsty ZANU PF whose MPs , the Bikita West and Shurugwi North MPs Elias Musakwa and Ronald Nyathi argued in Parliament on Tuesday that the banning of corporal punishment in schools would impact negatively on pupils in schools strangely attributed Zimbabwe’s high literacy rate and discipline partly to caning of pupils in schools.
Clearly in a progressive, mordern day stance in line with the global village democratic practices, Nick Mangwana insisted that corporal punishment has played no role in ensuring high grades in the education sector, obviously in defiance to the violent blood thirsty nature of the Zanu pf thuggish behaviour.
Zimbabwe banned corporal punishment in schools in line with the new Zimbabwe constitution and the Constitutional Court also abolished corporal punishment of convicted children or under 18 with Zimbabwe’s Chief Justice Luke Malaba ruling that corporal punishment is by nature, intent and effect, an inhumane and degrading punishment under Section 53 of the new Zimbabwe constitution. agrees with Zimbabwe’s Chief Justice Luke Malaba and Nick Mangwana that corporal punishment is an out dated inhumane practice, that damages the child victims both physically and mentally because of the torture, victimisation, bullying, brutality, threats, harassment and violence it inflicts upon the innocent children who should be protected by the teachers, parents, peers and adults.
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