PHOTO: NOTRE DAME CROSS UNTOUCHED AND GLOWING in inferno that damaged the medieval building.

The cross is pictured in the smoke from the inferno. Firefighters have said the fire is out now, no one was killed. Two French billionaires have already pleged €300million towards the rebuilding of the cathedral which is estimated to cost billions in repair.

French president Macron has said this is a national treasure and the government will do everything to repair the building. He visited Notre dame twice yesterday, first when the fire started and later towards midnight. Most of the iconic artwork and treasure in it was untouched by the fire as restoration work was going on so the artefacts had already been moved.

When the fire took hold, people forned a human chain and pulled out remaining artefacts which were then taken by police escort to other safe places in the city. The iconic image of the cross in the inferno has left a powerful image in the hearts of observers. Photo-dailymirror. More news to follow. Sibusiso Ngwenya.

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