Temba Mliswa, who also chairs the Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy, and is also Zanu pf Didymus Mutasa nephew aimed his vile outburst at female legislators in parliament under proportional representation while he was contributing to debate on the welfare of Zimbabwe’s war veterans in the country.
WWW.NEWZIMBABWEVISION.COM says wake up Zimbabwe!
Originally, we had a group of Eight (G8) an informal bloc of industrialized democracies Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom, United States and Russia set up to discuss issues such as global economic governance, international security, and energy policies. This was then reduced to the group of seven (G7) after Russia a member from 1998 until 2014 when the group suspended Russia after its annexation of Crimea in March of that year.
The strongest economy in Europe, is Germany and its led by a woman, Angela Dorothea Merkel , a German politician serving as Chancellor of Germany since 2005 and leader of the centre-right Christian Democratic Union (CDU).
Britain, another powerful European nation, is led by a woman, Theresa May, all first world democracies that uphold gender equality
The Uk in 2016 registered 65.64 million people in the census. Next door to Britain and as part of the UK is Scotland, a nation led by a woman, the head of the Scottish Government, the First Minister who is directly accountable to the Scottish Parliament Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party is the current First Minister of Scotland.
It is therefore shocking, that Zimbabwe in this day and age has total disregard for women, clearly a demonstration of why the nation is so broken up and going very fast yet getting nowhere,..wake up Zimbabwe. Gender equality is a must and we are generations behind with such retrogressive cave man mentality that has total disregard for women.
“The proportional representation of 60 women MPs has actually made us lose money because if you now take stock of what they have done, most of them have done nothing,” said Temba Mliswa in a shocking outburst that denigrated Zimbabwe’s female MPs, clearly using the august House to abuse women.
Temba Mliswa , is not the first high profile Zimbabwean to demonstrate his disregard for women in power and yet expects to win in the 2018 Harmonised General Electionon the 30th of July 2018.
I have always warned Zimbabweans that women in Zimbabwe, constitute the majority of the elctorate, yet are clearly not keen to rise up and press for equality of gender in Zimbabwe. They have the numbers to shift the vote, by rallying behind women leaders, and enforcing gender equality across the whole spectrum, starting from the household on their children all the way through to the highest level one can reach across the globe. It is imperative that women use their power and influence to fight for their rights, which are clearly not a priority in Zimbabwe.
It is evident that Zimbabwe is still stuck in the caveman mentality and while the rest of the globe has moved with gender equality a priority.
Zimbabwe are well aware that the disregard for women, is not just about Zanu pf, but about all men in Zimbabwe. Look at the opposition and remember what happened with the MDC T leadership coup, which launched the deceased Richard Tsvangirai’s unelected, personal choice MDC T leader Nelson Chamisa into power, and relegated the elected Vice President Thokozani Khuphe to political history.
To further emphasise the level of disregard that MDC T president Nelson Chamisa holds for women in Zimbabwe, lest you forget, he recently offered to give away his baby sister to Mnangagwa if Mnangagwa won, then also declared his sexual prowess and how can make any woman pregnant to prove it. Not the mentality that we expect from a future leader, but even more so, evidence of the quality of the electorate who accept the blatant disregard for gender equality, women, denigration of women and unquestionable lack of equality, spewed by these leaders.
The president of the MDC Alliance Advocate Nelson Chamisa has criticised the Mnangagwa’s command agriculture programme saying his government will do away with the scheme and adopt new technologies of farming,..interesting!
There is a common saying about politicians, that goes as follows>..’How do you know when a politician is telling lies?’…the answer is ..’As soon as the politician opens his or her mouth, its all lies that follow’. Sadly that seems to hold water as its unfortunate that the MDC-T, leader Nelson Chamisa has effectively grabbed power to lead MDC T, then had a string of clearly immature promises to the electorate after that including, now falsely claiming he had been personally invited to the United Kingdom by Queen Elizabeth II.
Zimbabweans have lived through endless lies for 37 years by Mugabe and its folly to succumb to the same rubbish under MDC T or any opposition for that matter. www.newzimbabwevision, prides itself in being non partisan and ready to disseminate all information to the progressive public irrespective of whether its about Zanu pf, MDCT or any opposition, so, while many people may dislike the truth,..we thrive on publishing it and leaving it to the people to make more informed decisions in their choices and votes, as we are not here to please any side,..whatsoever!
The latest news doing the rounds is that, the leader of a faction of the MDC-T, Adv Nelson Chamisa, has once again been caught out lying to the nation, this time after claiming he had been personally invited to the United Kingdom by Queen Elizabeth II.Image may contain: one or more people, people standing, people sitting and outdoor
An official at the British Embassy in Zimbabwe yesterday dismissed the claim that Mr Chamisa made to supporters in Harare South late last week.
Recently, we warned,on www.newzimbabwevision.com that the MDC T is now becoming a laughing stock because of the childish promises made by Nelson Chamisa. Without reverting back to the endless promises, let me summarise them as follows.
Nelson Chamisa promises to build rural airports, sphaghetti type roads, bullet trains, Ndebele king and to install WIFI at each rural homestead, claiming “Even goats will be able to have access to the mobile network,”. “Wherever one is, even if they are in their own house or at their small house, then they will be able to access mobile networks.”-wake up Zimbabwe! Small house is the term used by Zimbabwe to refer to extra marital affairs and raises the question again about, what MDC T represents to the people, as Chamisa inadvertently lent credence to immorality through extramarital affairs when he uttered this
Remember earlier this year, Nelson Chamisa and Tendai Biti, led a delegation to the US to call for Sanctions on Zimbabwe to be maintained.On return , he claimed that they had been promised billions if the MDC Alliance won the harmonised 2018 election. He was forced to issue an apology to the US after the US denied making such a financial pledge to Chamisa.
Anyway, the childish utterances have actually become a talking point for Mnangagwa, Chiwenga, Zanu pf stalwarts and securocrats. Chiwenga said the election campaign launch was the first step in the dismantling of MDC Alliance’s “make-believe dreams”.
Its clear that Zimbabwe is a country built on coups, remember the deposed former president Robert Mugabe came into power in the seventies after he engineered a coup which took removed Ndabaningi Sithole the man who formed Zanu, from leadership.
The cycle of leadership coup’s began then, and then recently Mugabe was removed the the ‘Operation Restore Legacy’ coup by Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and the military.
It is folly to assume that these people removed Mugabe from power so that six months later they can hand over power to Nelson Chamisa and the democratic opposition. The fact that these people have made no effort to secure immunity against prosecution for past crimes, or secure their looted millions, properties, businesses and farms, typically saying, we are going nowhere,..wake up Zimbabwe!
It is common knowledge that a military regime is generally not removed by the ballot,..not so, bullet maybe but the reality before Zimbabweans now is to accept what is happening and seek ways to bring change. This can include the MDC Alliance, seeking to have around table discussion with Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and the military, assuring them of safety and security of their looted millions, properties, businesses and farms, along with guaranteeing them immunity against prosecution for past crimes.
These people want all this put in place before they step away, but are too proud to ask for it, as it in itslef, is an open admission to guilt over past crimes and their looted wealth and multiple farms. Only when this has been established and acaretaker government has led the nation, say for six months to a year where we can then have a level political field, peaceful election, with necessary Electoral reforms, monitoring, by SADC, AU, International Observors and the global media free in Zimbabwe, can we then expect to see progress.
At the moment, these MDC Alliance are only leading the people of Zimbabwe to slaughter asthe master’s of rigging, Emmerson Mnangagwa, Zanu pf stalwarts, securocrats and the military will likely win, and effectively have the mandate to rule for five years. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya
photo-Nelson Chamisa and his wife Sithokozile Chamisa.

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