RISHI Sunak has announced green policy changes

UNITED NATIONS General Assembly (UNGA) says urgent action is needed to tackle climate change, however, Rishi Sunak, the UK Prime Minister has announced green policy changes.

At a time, when the world is faced by global warming crisis, the UK PM has announced major green policy changes which lead the whole world to question why a global leader is backing away from such changes, when the UK grew rich and developed through burning of fossil fuels, yet today when the majority of the world are suffering from flooding such as in Pakistan, fires such as in Australia right now, melting away of ice , extreme heat through global warming, it is absolutely shocking to see such weakness by a global leader. Climate change is real!

It’s interesting that this watering down of climate change plans by UK, a global leader is a major change in the effort to de carbonise the country by 2050. Does anyone feel this might have something with the forthcoming general elections in 2024?

Lest we forget, UK is historically a leader in the burning of fossil fuels, so, if the PM is backing away from this Net Zero initiative, the question is, what else are we not being truthful fully told by the conservative led government.

Is the public being misled on the way forward? What does this mean to business such as petrol, diesel and electric vehicle manufacturers?

What does this mean about gas boilers, climate emissions, global warming,? In the last 90 days, how much flooding, fires, destruction of people’s livelihood, housing, source of income and more, have we witnessed across the globe? We all need to think about where we have come from, where we are now, where we are heading towards and ultimately, is this the future we envisage for our children and descendands?

We are clearly being led by a weak PM. Think about future generations in everything you do today and fight for them with all your heart!,

No wonder the UN General Assembly secretary has given a stark warning, that ‘Humanity has opened the gates of hell!’-hmn, watch this space for developing news as this is a dynamic article- By Sibusiso Ngwenya
Photo-PM Rishi Sunak-Gov Uk

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