Russian Firm ‘Glernaton’ Allegedly Mining Diamonds Along Mbembesi River For Past Two Years

A RUSSIAN company Glernaton is reportedly mining diamonds along Mbembesi River in Bubi, Matabeleland North for the past two years.

Bubi district environmental officer Mr Sydney Muyambi confirmedĀ  the development.

“There is a Russian company called Glernaton, which comes along Mbembesi river exploring for garnet, which is a rock which forms in an area where there are diamonds. Every year they come looking for that mineral,” Mr Muyambi said.

Garnet is a precious stone, but describes a group of several closely related minerals.

Garnets come in a variety of colours and have many different varieties. However, the most widely-known colour of garnet gemstones is dark red.
Mines and Mining Development Deputy Minister told Sunday News that there were numerous kimberlite pipes in Bubi but said the distribution stretches up to Binga district.

“Of course there are kimberlites in Bubi which stretch up to Lupane and Binga, this is indicated by our traditional geological map. I am, however, not aware that there is a company that is mining for garnet but garnets are a host for diamonds,” Moyo said.
Source: Sunday News

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