SOUTH AFRICA COLOURED girl, Dineo Gwendoline, 22 a student says she has been abandoned by Grace Mugabe’s son Russell Goreraza after falling pregnant.

It appears Grace Mugabe, personally has brought up her kids to look down upon coloured girls as now a coloured South African student Dineo Gwendoline, 22, reportedly says that she was abandoned by Grace Mugabe’s, Russell Goreraza after falling pregnant.
She says she wanted an abortion but changed her mind after multi millionaire Russel Goreraza failed to stump up the money .
33 year old Russel Goreraza is no stranger to the media. He was married to Gladys Chiedza Chiwaya and have two children together. allegedly grabbing mines, grabbing houses. He was also convicted of culpable homicide, and fined US$800 after killing an unidentified man in a road traffic accident.
Grace Mugabe’s son, Russel Goreraza , in September 2017, spent R70 million (approx USD 5.3) on a Rolls-Royces Ghost (four-door) and a Rolls Royce Dawn (convertible) while ordinary Zimbabweans were starving.
She claims that she is pregnant with Russell Goreraza’s child and he was informed from the timeshe discovered she was pregnant yet he changed towards her giving excuse after excuse including that if keeps the baby he’ll flee from South African (SA).
According to her ever since 2016 the pair had never used a condom, but Russel is busy parading the world, sleeping, partying and paying different prostitutes for sex and she is prepared to do a DNA test to prove that Russel Goreraza is her baby’s dad.
Its a shame that this sends a wrong message about the coloured girl community, coming so soon after another South Africa coloured girl Gabriella Engels of the same age was heavily assaulted by then First Lady Grace Mugabe over her links to her other son in a South African hotel room. The behaviour of these Grace Mugabe kids that coloured girls are a play thing, who love shiny things and money and can be used, abused, dumped and left to fend for themselves while one skips the border on diplomatic passports like the mother or just goes back to their home country, brings shame in view of the public image generated in this day and age, but its open to debate.
I hope he didnt deliberately fall pregnant, targeting the Grace Mugabe wealth, because with this evil family, she is in for a big fight, one she will most probably lose, along with damaging publicity likely to wreck her emotionally ,..its such a shame, but we all hope for the best outcome for the girl and especially her baby. Zimbabwe recently held the lowest survival rate in the world due to the high prevalence of the deadly HIV disease, with average life span set at about 36 years of age.
Its shocking to see that in this day and age, she would prioritise DNA over her own health, safety and welfare and that of her baby where she clearly claims that ever since 2016 the pair had never used a condom, yet she proudly says Russel is busy parading the world, sleeping, partying and paying different prostitutes. Lets be realistic, the dude has the money to splash around but he is not bringing home sweeties and chocolate from romping with prostitutes. There is something called HIV and one doesnt really need to seek the ‘Knowledge ‘ in this day and age world wide and especially the SADC region to know that its dicing with death. this is so sick and absolutely disgusting, unhealthy, deplorable and a poor example to kids and the world! How can someone in this day and age think of unprotected sex and abortions and nothing about her health. Maybe the reason why he is not interested in the baby could just be that he may have knowingly ‘infected’ her without telling her. Why would he deny his child with so much money except to flee the obvious reality,..Im just saying!
We do know that coloureds in Zimbabwe have generally been marginalised with undefined descendancy due to their links to the Mugabe hated western /white heritage and their black heritage. This has clearly been seen throughout all areas, land, business, opportunities, political leadership and other, with coloured girls sadly being viewed as nothing but light skinned pretty play things not serious relationship material by the black society, a thing clearly seen in how the black and coloured community are still separated except for plastic smiles and no more. The males were generally looked at as interested in being mechanics, drinkers, fighters and criminals, nothing more. I say Mnangagwa must build the nation and, clean up this retrogressive, stupid, unfortunate view, unite races and tribes if we are ever going to change this unfortunate view in our society and unite the people, teach them that we are one, give equal access to opportunities for all. More news to follow. By Sibusiso Ngwenya

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