‘Ministers Kembo Mohadi And Sydney Sekeremai Are Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst) members’-Kasukuwere

Zanu-PF political commissar¬† Saviour Kasukuwere has indirectly suggested that Ministers Kembo Mohadi and Sydney Sekeremai are members of Zimbabwe People First (ZimFirst). In an unprovoked attack on ZimFirst leader Joyce Mujuru, Kasukuwere told Zanu PF supporters that ZimFirst is stuffed with ‘diesel n’angas’. “That party (ZimPF) also has diesel n’angas who lied about the Chinhoyi diesel issue. My question is where on earth would you see or obtain diesel from a mountain? he asked.” That…

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Makoni , Tsvangirai , Mutasa, Ngarivhume ,Dabengwa &Biti On Dzamara ‘Abduction’

Makoni , Tsvangirai ,  Mutasa,  Ngarivhume ,Dabengwa &Biti On Dzamara ‘Abduction’

Morgan Tsvangirai the MDC-T leader and other political parties, the church and thousands of Zimbabweans converged to pray for Itai Dzamara at Zimbabwe grounds who was abducted on 9 March 2015 by state security agents. Speaking at the prayer meeting, Tsvangirai said Dzamara has brought Zimbabweans together regardless of their political diversity. “What I see here is national convergence in our diversity, we are all saying Mugabe and his government are responsible. By the same…

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