‘The MDC-T Crafted National Electoral Reform Agenda NERA Is Fake & Dead’-Gugugu Magorira

The National Electoral Reform Agenda NERA crafted by Morgan Tsvangirai’s party MDC-T is fake and dead after partners realised that it was ann Mdct stupid strategy to built a dubious coalition and promote the tattered Tsvangirai image.

Opposition political parties in Zimbabwe are have dumped Morgan Tsvangirai and his NERA who are too desperate for funding and political support.

Recent pictures of Morgan Tsvangirai in the company of sexy girls are of great concern to his remaining few supporters who are still dreaming of the Buhera boy ruling Zimbabwe and for sure those shall remain and end as dreams.

I am dreaming of a Zimbabwe under Morgan Tsvangirai though I have supported this guy since 1999 until today.

Morgan Tsvangirai seem to be adamant and foolish in terms of ethical behaviour and will never learn.

The so called NERA fronted by one fool Anzelem Magaya a political pastor caught in the web of stupidity thinking that the people do not know or see the dirty tricks of tryng to fundraise for Tsvangirai.

We are very much aware of the trips Morgan Tsvangirai made to SADC and some embassies and the responses he got.

The involvement of the Zimbabwe congress of trade unions zctu in this dirty arrangement make some of us very worried.

It is now very clear that the fools at the helm of the ZCTU are part and parcel of Tsvangirai and company and they should expect confrontation by the workers.

The ZCTU has sold us to the Morgan Tsvangirai faction of the MDC which is not acceptable at all.

The international donor community bakrolling the Zimbabwe congress of trade unions should seek answers from the partisan trade union leaders who are currently abusing the labour space for selfish political interests.

The political parties in Zimbabwe have abandoned NERA because of various reasons which Morgan Tsvangirai failed to explain.

Zimbabweans are not behind NERA or the Zctu because of such moves meant to mislead the nation into believing that mdct is king yet it has fallen from grace.

Those funding NERA thinking that it is inclusive and has support of the people should wake up and start smelling the coffee.

I advise Morgan Tsvangirai to either think of an inclusive process and abandon his big brother jacket.

Mr Morgan Tsvangirai’s NERA is doomed and none of us Zimbabweans are in support of this biased and tricky project. by Gugugu Magorira, Source-Byo24

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