TSHABALALA BUSINESSMAN Henry Gumbo (32) who runs a butchery in Sizinda was shot thrice by armed robbers and is battling for life in hospital.

The same gang is suspected to have earlier on the same day raided another businessman from the same suburb whom they also robbed of cash. Mr Henry Gumbo (32) who runs a butchery in Sizinda suburb was driving home on Friday at about 8.30PM when the robbers pounced on him a few metres away from his home.
The robbers shot him thrice and robbed him of R3000, RTGS$ 2000 and US$300.
The same gang is suspected to have earlier the same day raided another local businessman from the same suburb, Mr Walter Dhobha and his family at around 3AM and got away with RTGS $800, R600 and US$20.
The victims of the two robberies said yesterday that they are now living in fear. Mr Febian Gumbo, a brother to the shot businessman, said he was in the same car with his younger brother when he was shot and robbed.He said as they approached their house, his younger brother stopped to relieve himself.
“It seems these guys had laid an ambush in the area because the area is bushy. When he was still outside, they pounced on him, one of them tried to hit him with an iron bar but he managed to dodge.
“The other robber then opened fire and shot him twice in the stomach and once in the head. As we speak he is admitted to Bulawayo United Hospitals (UBH) where he is recovering,” said Mr Gumbo.
He said as some members of the gang were attacking his brother, others came to the car and pointed a gun at him ordering him to surrender his wallet and cellphone. Mr Gumbo said the group started searching the car and got away with the money which was in the car.
“They got away with R3000, US$300 and $2 000 bond notes. They also took away my cellphone, ID card and bank cards. We suspect that these armed robbers are the same people who raided Dhobha and also invaded our home twice on Wednesday and Thursday but failed to break into the house,” said Mr Gumbo.
Mr Dhobha who lives just over a kilometre from the Gumbos’ house said the armed robbers broke into his bedroom through the window when he was sleeping with his wife and tied his hands and legs before covering his face with a cloth. He said the robbers who had a gun, severely assaulted his wife while demanding money.
“They entered through our bedroom en-suite, one of them was carrying a torch and the one armed with a gun was wearing a mask. They ordered me to lie on the ground. They said they were here for the money not my life. They moved to my wife whom they assaulted.
They slapped her several times demanding to be shown where the money is kept,” he said. Mr Dhobha said his wife finally gave in to their demands and they got away with RTGS$800 , R600 and US$20. “I used to own several kombis last year so maybe they thought the business was still viable and I had a lot of money at home. But now I’m just a caretaker at the local shops and I sell eggs. I now fear for my life and that of my family. My wife was brutally assaulted. They probably damaged one of her eardrums as she is saying she cannot hear clearly,” he said.
Mr Dhobha said he was however happy that the robbers did not hurt his children. “They were speaking in isiNdebele saying omalume abatshayi bantwana balande ukuzosebenza kuphela, so bangabangi umsindo (the uncles were just here to work and will not hurt kids and therefore the children should not make any noise).” A comment could not immediately be obtained from the police but they are on record urging the public to avoid keeping large sums of money in their homes. Source – chronicle

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