US $4 million disappears from war veteran’s pension and education fund

Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime, has initiated an audit of the war veteran’s pension and education fund in an investigation that seeks to determine what has happened to a whopping US$4 million which disappeared from the Zimbabwe’s war veteran’s pension and education fund.

Currently, there are indications that the war veterans are furious due to non disbursement of their monthly payouts and education allowances for some months, a situation explained by the lack of funds.

War veterans argue that some of their children have been forced out of education even though the War Veterans and Pension fund department was allocated US$4 million , money which suddenly cannot be traced any longer.

Corruption, theft of resources and the lack of accountability are generally a well recognised hall mark of Mugabe’s Zanu PF regime and this comes as no surprise to anyone. Sibusiso Ngwenya​

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